how many minutes is a rugby match

how many minutes is a rugby match


Despite interruptions and double-checks with the television match official (TMO), each rugby match lasts 80 minutes.


When TMO checks, injuries, and replacements occur in rugby, the clock stops. By doing this, the game will last 80 minutes and no time will be lost.


How long is a rugby match?


Because the stopped clock makes up for all the time lost due to stoppages, this also implies that there is no injury time in rugby.


Referees do not, however, sound the whistle at the 80-minute mark right away. The game ends when the ball touches down, even while the clock is approaching full time. This allows a team that is doing well to have an opportunity to finish their offensive play.


How long is half-time in a rugby match?

Each half in rugby is 40 minutes which is split by half-time. The half-time break has to last no longer than 15 minutes and teams go into the changing rooms. Coaches and players usually speak to discuss tactics on how to see the game out.

Matches have been won thanks to those half-time tactic discussions. One of the most famous in recent history was Harlequins’ win over Bristol Bears in the 2020-21 Premiership semi-final.

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