Dr Matthew Lani Biography: Early Life, Career, Education, Nationality, Age and Net Worth


A so-called doctor on TikTok, Dr. Matthew Lani, has been posing as a doctor and asserting that he attended a university to study medicine. There are also reports that he was seen wearing scrubs at a public hospital in Gauteng.


“Dr. Matthew Lani” has been asked to remove all references tying him to the university by the university.

His LinkedIn profile states that he studied medicine (MBBS) at Wits from 2014 to 2021.


He became well-known in the last several months by giving medical advise on social media sites like TikTok. In addition, he has been on several radio shows, TV shows, and podcasts as a supposed medical expert. He never fails to wear his stethoscope, which acts as a constant reminder that he is not a licensed medical professional.

But in the end, social media detectives’ curiosity brought him to ruin since his assertions that he had skipped multiple grades, graduated from Wits with a medical degree in five years, and had a job history that did not correspond with his age were questioned.


As a result, several questions were directed to Wits and the HPCSA. However, “the doctor” maintained his legitimacy and declined to provide any supporting paperwork, claiming that he “doesn’t owe anyone a practice number.”

When asked if a legal doctor may hide their practice number, as Dr. Matthew has done in several of his videos, HPCSA spokesperson Christopher Tsatsawane said negatively.


Dr Matthew Lani Date of Birth


The birthplace and date of birth of Dr. Matthew Lani are being investigated. He is in his late twenties. He was born and raised in South Africa, according to accounts. I’m reviewing his zodiac sign. Details about his training history and credentials are being examined. Regarding his early and private life, he has not disclosed any information to the public or on any social media platform. We update this page with any new information we come across on the subject.


Dr Matthew Lani Nationality


Dr Matthew Lani’s nationality is South African and his ethnicity is Black.


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Dr Matthew Lani Marital Status


The marital status of Dr. Matthew Lani is being investigated. His marital status is also being examined. He hasn’t disclosed any details about his romantic life to the press or on any social media platform. We update this page with any new information we come across on the subject.


Dr Matthew Lani Net Worth 2023

Dr Matthew Lani’s net worth is under review. Whenever we find any information related to this topic then we update this article.

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