Choosing the Best Language for iOS Apps Development in 2021

Mobile apps are now significant for almost every business working online. The latest StatCounter report shows that over 56 per cent of online connections are built through mobile devices, which puts them above computers and tablets. What’s more, StatCounter also says that 27 per cent of them are iOS devices. That’s why it has become easier for product owners to hire an iPhone app development company to build quality applications.

So, no doubt it should be there - iOS apps development is something worthwhile for your investment. If you wonder which iOS development technology is suitable for this purpose, here you will find all the essential things on this topic, that includes:

  • Main issues to remember ahead of building iOS apps;
  • The top-performing programming languages for iOS apps development;
  • The top mobile cross-platform tools that will help you develop applications for several operating systems simultaneously.

Things to Remember Ahead of Building an iOS App

Building a robust, comprehensive iOS application is a solid deal that requires crucial inspection, planning, and evaluation. That’s why this list of things you need to remember is vital if you want your application to succeed.

The Main Purpose

Ahead of the development process, You should consider why you decided to develop your application and try to answer a few questions like:

  • Why do I want to build this iOS app?
  • What user needs should I focus on while building the iOS app?
  • Are there similar apps available in the market? If so, which unique features does my product have?
Answering them not only makes presenting the best to users easy, but you’ll also become more determined in making further plans for future app development.

Carry Out Detailed Market Research

This step is a crucial one, and still, many young entrepreneurs forget about it. To encourage people to download your application, you need to get to know them better in the first place.

You can conduct a survey or use customer segmentation and then create an average target user profile based on age, sex, nationality, or several other criteria.

Such actions will enable you to build custom marketing strategies and campaigns and maximize the downloads count.

Prepare A Comprehensive Plan for Your iOS App Development.

If you have successfully performed the first two things, you can now move on to planning. That should be as detailed as possible and contain all essential data. Following are some critical questions you need to answer while preparing such a plan:

  • What technology will be suitable for developing this app?
  • What are the details of the UI?
  • How will you calculate the success of your app?
  • What activities will enable you to bring your application idea to reality?
  • Do you plan to build versions of other OS in the future?
  • What security concerns should you take into account?
  • What are your primary goals to achieve?

Compatibility With Multiple iOS Versions
While building an iOS application, you have to remember that not all iPhone users update the systems on their devices regularly. So if your application only supports the latest iOS version while your user is using an earlier one- he or she may find it disappointing and uninstall your application immediately.

That’s why you should prepare your app to support all possible versions of a system. Of course, it will take more time and effort to develop, but believe me - it will be easier than to convince disappointed users to install it again.

Evaluate the Internal Capabilities to Develop the Application
The development cost and time of an iOS app rely on its level of complexity and functionality. It is probably a job for a few professionals, including an iOS Developer, UX Designer, Frontend Developer, UI Designer, Project Manager, and even QA Developer.

Moreover, your team should have precise knowledge and understanding of the application market and experience building this application. Therefore, initially, you should decide whether you should outsource your iOS application development to an iPhone app development agency or you want to involve your in-house development team.

Top Technologies for iOS Application Development

Following are the best technologies for iOS application development. Here, you will find both iOS-dedicated and general-purpose technologies as well as cross-platform frameworks.


Swift is a comprehensive programming technology for building iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS solutions. Apple introduced it in 2014 as the descendent of Objective-C. Swift is specifically designed to work with the frameworks like Cocoa Touch, Cocoa, and the vast codebase written in Objective-C for Apple’s product range.

If you want to build an app relatively quickly to expand later with ease, Swift will be a suitable choice for you.


Objective-C is built as an extension of the C programming language with Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) capabilities. It was built in the early 1980s by Brad Cox and Tom Love at their software firm Stepstone.

It is a general-purpose technology, primarily used for writing codes for Apple’s operating systems like iOS and OS X and their APIs: Cocoa Touch and Cocoa.


HyperText Markup Language 5(HTML5) is the fifth major HTML version. This technology is useful to build and present sites by defining their content’s structure and meaning.

Product owners worldwide use it in combination with JavaScript and CSS, and together they are known as the “the big three of the frontend.


C# is an object-oriented, high-level, general-purpose programming technology. It was built as Microsoft’s answer to the Java language. Being tightly integrated with the .NET platform, C# is both a runtime environment and framework.

C# was created and is commonly used to write apps for Windows operating systems. Still, since the .NET framework arrived in Mac and Linux systems, it is now possible to build native software in this language. 


Java is a class-based, object-oriented, and general-purpose programming language. What’s more important, there is no recompilation needed for its code to run on any platform.

Java is also one of the most prominent languages for mobile app development. However, with its board flexibility, you can also use it to create cross-platform applications.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best programming technology for iOS is a crucial decision that can critically impact your product idea’s success. Therefore, you should define your expectations and requirements, and that’s how you can choose the best technology for your app development project.

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