7 Reasons Why you should Build Cross-platform Mobile Games


According to Dot Com Infoway, mobile games account for 51% of the total gaming industry with PC and Console games holding 24% and 25%, respectively.  Another report by MediaKix reveals that the mobile gaming market is expected to generate $180 billion by 2021. A recent report by Statista unveils that Asia is currently the biggest marketplace generating a total revenue of approximately $41 billion.

All these and the other facts available over the web are enough to understand the popularity and growing demand for mobile games among users. It also provide us all the answer to the most common question “why mobile game development” is in demand. What has led to the increasing demand for mobile game applications is the growing number of smartphone users.

The advent of mobile game applications has eliminated the requirement for purchasing expensive gaming consoles or PCs. A user can access them anytime anywhere, which is another factor that contributes to the popularity of mobile games. When it comes to mobile game app development, one of the significant decisions to make is to choose the platform (Android or iOS).

While some suggest going for the Android, others are with iOS. However, the article says you should develop a mobile game for both these platforms. In other words, we suggest you to develop a cross-platform mobile game app. Here are the seven reasons to prove why to go for cross-platform mobile game app development:

1.   To target mass audiences

Not every mobile game player uses the same device; some might be using Android while iOS would the choice of the others. If you want to expand your reach and get a humongous customer base for your game, you have to build a cross-platform mobile game app.

2.   To get a high return on investment

Cross-platform games target a mass audience; therefore, it increases the chances of getting a high ROI that is the ultimate goal of any mobile game app provider. In short, you invest less and get more. 

3.   To develop game quickly and reduce time to market

A cross-platform mobile game works on “one code fits for all” strategy. Most of the cross-platform game development tools allow developers to write code once and use it everywhere. The strategy leads to speedy development and reduced time to market. In short, you can launch your mobile game quickly to the market.

4.   To cut down the development cost

Build a mobile game for two different platforms separately costs way much than developing a cross-platform mobile app. Since cross-platform apps need less development time, the cost incurred for development would automatically be less.

5.   Better monetization

Cross-platform mobile games offer better monetization with a great retention rate. It provides users the freedom and convenience of playing a single game from multiple devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and sometimes on the web also. You can earn great profits by targeting multiple device users.

Top technologies you can consider to build a cross-platform mobile game app

No matter if you want to build a casual, puzzle, arcade, adventure, action, racing, strategy, role-playing, board, card, multiplayer, or any other type of mobile game, count on these technologies for cross-platform game development:

·         Unreal

·         Unity 3D

·         Xamarin

·         Flutter

·         GameMaker Studio

How much does it cost to develop a cross-platform mobile game?

To estimate the total cost of development in advance, you need to consider these factors in mind:

·         Type of mobile game

·         Tools and technologies required to build the game

·         Complexity of the game

·         The geographic location of the mobile game app development company

·         Size of the development team

·         Time duration needed to build the game

·         Experience of the development company

·         Number of platforms you want to build your mobile game for

On an average, you might need to pay approximately USD 400,000 to USD 1,000,000 to develop a high-end mobile game for Android and iOS platform. The cost may vary depending on your particular app requirements.

To begin your mobile game app development journey, you can contact a reliable game development services provider or hire unity 3d game developers. Research thoroughly before you hand over your project to a company or any developer.

Final Words

Do you want to know why cross-platform mobile games are in demand? This article is exclusively for you. Here we have listed seven reasons why you should choose cross-platform mobile game development over developing a game for a single platform. These reasons include targeting a mass audience, save on development time and cost, reduce time to market, better monetization strategy, and more.

To know these reasons in detail, give this article a read. In case if you have a mobile game app idea ready and want to start your game app development process right away, then contact a mobile game development company today!

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