Visa Subclass 500 Requirements For International Students In Australia

Do you wish to study in a country like Australia? If yes, then actualising this dream needs you to obtain the Australian student visa successfully. The Student Visa Subclass 500 is the only student visa of Australia designed for overseas students. 

You must be thinking that applying for this visa is way harder than what you would think. Conversely, the case is completely different. As an applicant, you simply need to comply with some crucial requirements, that’s it. Today’s write-up will give you a clear idea about the same. 

Visa Subclass 500 is a student visa in Australia with which you can stay in Australia temporarily and study as a full time student Australia. You can also work as a part-timer in Australia for 20 hours per week. You can work as a full time employee with student subclass 500.

If you do so, your student visa 500 will no longer be valid and you will be forced to go back to your place. To start your student visa subclass 500 lodge period. Firstly, you must enrol yourself in an accredited Australian institution for a full-time course. After getting your course enrolment letter, you can proceed towards your visa procedure.

Visa subclass 500: A synopsis

To say in a nutshell, the visa subclass 500 has been designed for offshore students willing to pursue higher studies. This includes students who wish to pursue their studies at the graduation as well as the post-graduation level. The former being courses like MBA or any course aimed at attaining a master’s degree. You should apply for the visa subclass 500 at least 12 weeks before applying for your intended academic program.

A complete checklist of requirements

As you already know that there are certain requirements which you must meet to procure the student visa 500 successfully. A detailed checklist of each of these requirements can be considered below.

Fundamental Visa Requirements

As an applicant, there are some fundamental requirements which you should meet imperatively to obtain the visa subclass 500. These include the following:
  • Four photos of the passport’s size.
  • An authentic visa application form.
  • The desired fees of the student visa 500.
  • Documents which prove that you have come to Australia to stay temporarily. A letter from your pertinent institute or school will be considered as a feasible document.
  • An authentic passport.
  • A valid OSHC health insurance and
  • An electronically documented CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment from your respective college/university).
In case, you haven’t chosen an accurate academic provider you must specify that to the DoHA. You can do this by choosing the option ‘I haven’t decided on provider yet’ comprising the document checklist tool.

Obtain your CoE

After your college/university selects you, you must pay the required fees and get registered accordingly. Followed by this, you will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment from your college/university. You will get multiple CoEs if you are applying for more than one academic program.

Additional Documents

This is also one of the most prominent student visa subclass 500 conditions which you must comply with. According to this, you might need to submit a few documents more apart from the basic credentials. These documents will differ somewhat depending on your home country and the college/university you have chosen. A complete checklist of these documents has been given below.
  • Noteworthy bank statements. These documents will prove that you are able to afford all the important costs while staying in Australia. These include your return flight fare, living and academic costs etc.
  • Documents which prove your IELTS outcome and all its relevant transcripts.
  • Documents related to your former employment career. These include your employment contracts, offer letters and payslips etc.
  • Your valid birth certificate.
  • Documents which prove your previous criminal records and its subsequent legal pursuit if any.
You should submit each of these in English and in their individual digitised versions. It may be the case that you are submitting these documents written in your regional language. In that case, you should get these documents interpreted by a professional translator. Finally, attach these translated forms with the main documents and upload them accordingly.

Bring your family members

The visa subclass 500 also lets you bring your family members with you. These include your partner and his/her unmarried kids aged less than 18 years. As part of the student visa 500 requirements they must meet some criteria too. 

These require them to meet the pertinent health and character requirements. Aside from that, you should also provide a few crucial documents more. These documents will prove that you can afford each of their necessary costs during your entire stay in Australia.

A look at the health examination

One of the most essential requirements is to undergo a complete health test which you should meet unfailingly. It will depend on your selected university, area and academic course. You can only appear for this health test after receiving your TRN number. This is because the steps included in this test require a TRN number.

Apply and submit the application

After you have met all the requirements it’s time for you to apply for the visa subclass 500. To do this you must visit the official site of the Department of Home Affairs. Next, you need to create an account there and submit the details of the indispensable documents given above. These include your criminal and health records, personal, family and academic details, and nationality and CoE codes. You must do this at least four months before starting your course.

Application submission

Your next step would be to submit the application online. To do this you should pay the visa application fees properly i.e. AU$550 preceded by the step outlined above. After that you will get a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) from the Australian immigration department. The TRN will help you to track your student subclass 500 visa’s application status until its final outcome.

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