8 Amazing Things To Do In Bakersfield

Bakersfield is the ninth biggest city in California and one that is developing at a stunning pace. Right now 800,000 individuals call this spot home and the numbers simply prop up. Bakersfield is home to the mainstream music sort that is known as the Bakersfield Sound and many notable bluegrass music craftsmen have been conceived in this fine city. 

The city likewise flaunts a few honor winning historical centers which are largely worth a look. If you want to do the best and amazing things in Bakersfield then cheap american airlines flights are best for you. And also have to explore the various places with your friends and family members and enjoy each and every moment of life.

8 Best Things To Do In Bakersfield

1. Bakersfield Museum of Art

Situated in Central Park at the edge of R Street and nineteenth Street, the Bakersfield Museum of Art is an expressive arts gallery that comprises four displays. The gallery's changeless assortment basically comprises works by nearby craftsmen, and this assortment is enhanced by turning craftsmanship shows. Established in 1956, the gallery was generally supported by the Walter Osborn family in memory of their little girl, Marion Osborn Cunningham. 

The exhibition hall was initially called the Cunningham Art Gallery and was changed to its present name in 1990. The 17,400 square foot gallery comprises two huge exhibitions and two little exhibitions, homerooms, a feast lobby, and gardens which show figures.

2. Hart Memorial Park

Devoted in 1929, Hart Memorial Park despite everything holds the shrouded diamonds of what makes upper east Bakersfield so extraordinary. In the lower regions of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and settled along the banks of the Kern River, this 370-section of land open space highlights two fishing lakes supplied with rainbow trout, bluegill, and bass. Dabbed with outdoor tables, play areas, and cleared strolling trails, the whole park is additionally secured with concealing on account of various developed trees all through.

3. Kern River Canyon

Kern Canyon is a delightful wild situated in Bakersfield where you can exploit outdoors, climbing, fishing, and other comparable exercises. The genuine gorge itself was shaped by the Kern River and it associates the Southern San Joaquin Valley with the Kern River Valley. 

The region has been announced by local people as being "California's trick of the trade." If you are in the territory around dusk then a drive down the Kern River Canyon will give you staggering nightfall as the earthy colored slopes reflect off the water and make the pleasant foundation much more lovely.

4. Murray Family Farms

Murray Family Farms is a brilliant blend of fun and a genuine family working ranch. Bring the children for a ton of fun, yet additionally to see all the difficult work associated with carrying tasty leafy foods to their nearby goods. This 70-section of land natural vegetable and organic product ranch has been developing strawberries, stone organic products, blackberries, citrus, apples, asparagus, artichokes, melons, tomatoes and pumpkins throughout the previous 24 years. 

Welcome the children on the visit through the ranch on their farm hauler driven roughage carts across 43 sections of land of developed fields of citrus, yellow roses, lines of ready peaches, apricots and apples. Let the children pick the natural products, and afterward, head to the butterfly house, steers train, cart rides and labyrinths. 

The children can draw near and individual with the petting zoo creatures: tame goats, ducks, sheep, chicken, geese, pigeons, peacocks, turkeys, and smaller than expected ponies. Prior to leaving, visit their stunning Red Barn to stack on produce, jam, new pies, and smoothies. Their Okie Fry Pies are incredible.

5. Kern County Museum

Kern County Museum is a great spot that has its attention solidly set on the historical backdrop of Kern County. One of the features of the exhibition hall is Pioneer Village, it is set inside 16 sections of land and houses 56 structures that reflect what life would have been similar to toward the finish of the nineteenth century. 

The structures have all been moved from their unique areas, orchestrated to appear as though an old town and afterward reestablished. A ton of the structures is prepared for you to investigate and study the kinds of decorations that would have been utilized around then. Christmas is an especially active future time to the historical center as the spot is adorned and unique occasions are put on for the guests.

6. Fox Theater

Opened on Christmas day in 1930, the Fox Theater is a recorded setting in Bakersfield known for its lavish inside and superb acoustics. Initially, a film house and in the long run displaying a portion of the primary talkies to hit the screen, this engineering treasure barely dodged the destroying ball all through the 1980s. Spared by network endeavors, the Fox Theater Foundation shaped and re-developed the setting in 1994. Today, unrecorded music exhibitions assume control over the phase at the Fox Theater, adding an extraordinary soundtrack to appreciate the improvement inside.

7. Panorama Vista Preserve

Including more than 900 sections of land on the two sides of the Kern River upper east of downtown, Panorama Vista Preserve is a shrouded diamond of regular space directly in the city's patio. When a flourishing riparian passageway, overdevelopment almost cleaned the view off from this waterway entry. Because of network endeavors and huge replanting attempts, Panorama Vista Preserve is becoming the lavish forested scene it used to be and is presently famous for low-sway trail exercises like climbing, biking, and horse riding.

8. Sequoia National Forest

Bakersfield is honored with elite beautiful situations near the city. The Kern River Canyon begins only upper east of the midtown locale and leads profoundly into the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, including the captivating universe of Sequoia National Forest. 

The recreation center includes wild and grand streams, ice sheet cut gulches, and in any event 30 forests of transcending sequoia trees. Mainstream approaches to investigate the woods incorporate exploring and climbing, whitewater boating and kayaking, and going through the night at one of the numerous campsites all through.

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