Top Five Project Management Software for Manufacturing Firms in 2020

Whether you have a small business or large, you have multiple projects to work on. When it is about manufacturing, it is a multi-step process. Each step is important, and, in some industries, it also requires step-by-step validation. Such tasks need to be managed well. Using manufacturing project management software can ease the management process. However, it is quite difficult to choose the right project management software for manufacturing for your firm when there are so many out there.

Top Project Management Software for Manufacturing Industries

Here are the top five manufacturing project management software for your manufacturing project management needs. These are the key market players:

1. PlanStreet

It is important to plan and schedule to streamline your workflow. Some companies like to use a Gantt chart while others love Kanban Boards. The best thing about PlanStreet is that you can use either for your manufacturing project management. PlanStreet allows you to plan and assign tasks, allocate resources, track tasks, and notify you of upcoming milestones.

Moreover, it can forecast cost and revenues so that you know what costs you have incurred and where and when you are getting your revenues. Another feature of this manufacturing project management software is that it doesn't want you to get stuck in technicalities.

It has a feature of auto-scheduling and rescheduling according to the task dependencies. Plan Street has all the basic features required in project management software for manufacturing. From organizing, collaboration, and tracking project status, to real-time updates about the progress, PlanStreet has it all. What's more, it is up to you which you like best- Traditional or Agile project management. PlanStreet believes that using a dual approach is best to achieve your goals efficiently. 

PlanStreet offers three different plans, one for personal use, one for small businesses, and the premium one that is best for large enterprises.

2. Teamwork Projects

Let's be real; operating project management software for manufacturing is difficult and complex. If you are not a professional, then the features and interfaces are often quite confusing and intimidating. Teamwork Projects make the operation of manufacturing easy. They believe in simplicity and straightforwardness. 

With easy-to-use interface and options, this manufacturing project management software is a good pick. From the project manager to the task-taker, it makes it simple for all. Creating task lists, tasks, assigning tasks, subtasks, adding due dates, and tracking progress are just some of the prime features of this project management software for manufacturing.

It also has a Workflow feature that can track progress and keep you in touch with your team's overall capacity. Just like PlanStreet, Teamwork Projects also has both Kanban Boards and Traditional tools for project management. What is more interesting is that all tasks are visible and accessible without switching between screens to find what you are looking for. 

Teamwork Projects are available on the web and as a mobile application for iOS and Android users. The mobile application makes it easy to update your progress and, at the same time, get real-time updates from other team members.

3. Celoxis

Celoxis is a web-based platform and has all the features that one needs for manufacturing project management and work collaboration. Collaboration in a team is the strength of this manufacturing project management software. What makes it unique is that from the dashboard itself, users can complete tasks such as updating the status and progress of a task or uploading files. 

Celoxis is the choice of software for manufacturing giants such as LG, Del Monte, and even Rolex. Customize it as per your needs. Across industries, Celoxis is efficient in managing tasks and keeping track of project finances, project health, and risks involved using their interactive Gantt charts.

Strong collaboration features, simple, all-in-one design, and its application flexibility make it the top choice for such well known and reputed companies. Celoxis is available for free for a 30-day trial with any plan. Another unique feature of Celoxis is that it is available as both a SaaS and an on-premise option. 

These types of options are available in only a few other project management software. Both plans require a minimum of 5 users to start with.

4. Wrike

Each project management has strength. Task management is Wrike's strength. Assigning and reassigning tasks, connecting tasks with conversations, and project plans to give an overview of the plan, prioritizing resources, and human resources to the project's needs are just some of Wrike's top features. Project scheduling and real-time updates aid the users in keeping up-to-date with the progress of the project.

With great tools to manage tasks and projects, this project management software for manufacturing also provides its users with cross-project timelines. These timelines help the team leader and other members stay updated and remain at the top of their manufacturing game to achieve short-term and long-term goals. Multiple teams can work on several projects simultaneously.
Wrike project management software is also known for one striking feature. If there is a project related to the current project, it attaches the data and the previous decision for reference to the current team. When it comes to project management, efficiency is key.

You need something that can have all your needs in one place. To fulfill that criterion, Wrike is compatible with third-party software tools so that your work is streamlined, connected, and coherent. By availing this option to operate with other apps and software tools, Wrike wants to make sure you work smoothly without hindrances.

5. Microsoft Projects

Microsoft Projects is one of the oldest project management software tools out there. It has been on the market for around 30 years now. It is the best for large teams. Project management for manufacturing involves a large team at a large level. MS Projects is intricately designed and has a plethora of features. 
It is so versatile and flexible than any industry can use it for effective and streamlined project management. From Scrum to Kanban Boards, you can use any agile tool to cater to your project's needs. Even the methodologies can be of your choice from agile to waterfall and even hybrid. MS Project makes it easy to carry out team-wide or enterprise-wide tasks efficiently that are otherwise complex.

There is only one plan available and is compatible with your regular Office 365 plan.

It is evident from these five project management software that each one of them has different strengths. They are all best for something. Like, MS Project is good for large teams, whereas Teamwork is the best for simple use. Depending on your manufacturing operation's scale and complexity, you can choose from these top project management tools. Wisely choose as it is important that the tool you choose fulfils your project's needs and meets the expectations of your team members!

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