What is Off Page SEO and How to Build Good backlinks

What is Off Page SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking our business or blogging website organically on top of the Google Search Results for the target search query. Off Page SEO deals with all the optimization and link building works which is done outside of your website to improve the authority.

Off Page SEO involves many things. But the main core part of the Off Page SEO is building quality backlinks to the website. The main common mistake people will do while building backlinks is that they will try to build a bunch of backlinks instantly.

When it comes to building backlinks, the quality of the links are more important than the quantity of the backlinks. As an SEO Consultant, you should always make sure that the links are built from real authority sites which are relevant to your niche.

Off Page SEO Factors

As mentioned above, the core part of the Off Page SEO is building high authority and quality backlinks to your business or blogging website. Below you can see some of the Off Page SEO strategies to build quality links,
  • Infographic Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Social Sharing
  • Guest Posting
  • PBN Backlinks
  • Forum Links

Infographic Submission

Infographics are the graphical representation about a particular topic or content. So you may think, how to build links with the help of Infographics. Yes, you can do that. You can submit the infographic in many popular infographic submission platforms like Visual.ly, Flickr, etc.

You can submit your well designed infographics in these sites with a nice title and short description. You can also have a reference link to your target website. So it will improve the authority of your website as well.

It is beneficial in two ways. One is that you will gain more reach for your brand and then you will get a backlink to your website.

Video Submission

As a business owner, you may think that video creation is a harder part and you need to invest more on that. Actually, it’s not the fact. The platforms like Canva allows you to create attractive videos for your business for Free.

So by using the video creation platforms, you can create simple videos for business and upload it to your company YouTube Channel, Vimeo and in other platforms.

Image Source: https://blog.jakpat.net/watching-the-videos-survey-report-on-indonesian-youtube-usage-habit/

From the above image, you can see that more percentage of users are spending around 1 to 3 hrs on YouTube.

Similarly like the infographic submission platforms, while uploading the video you can have a catchy title, short description and a reference link back to your website. There are lots of video submission platforms like YouTube and you can submit in all and get a good quality backlink to your site.

Social Sharing

Social signals are the integral part of the Off Page SEO and also it acts as a one of the main ranking signals in Google. From the below image you can see that the usage of social media is increasing in all the platforms.

Image Source: https://obsurvey.com/blog/social-media-significant-online-survey-tool/

From this it’s very clear that the number of users in all the most popular social media platforms are increasing day by day and hence sharing the regular updates about your website in the social media platforms will remain as a good signal in the view of search engines like Google.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is normally the process of publishing a guest blog in the websites owned by others to get a backlink in return.

Mostly all the majority of guest posts are done as a paid guest post and still there are many website publishers where they accept free guest posts if the content is really good.

Hence you should outreach regularly to good websites and get guest posts done regularly to keep the link building steady. Even one of the leading SEO Consultants in London like Fernando Raymond who is the founder of ClickDo recommends guest posting outreach as one of the best ways to build links. In his videos and articles he has mentioned that using guest posting for link building is one of the best ways to rank higher on Google.

PBN Backlinks

PBN's as the private blog networks is on the list of websites which is owned by the same person of the group of people. Usually, PBN blogs are hosted at unique IP’s at different locations even though it’s owned by the same person. It is hosted with unique IP’s to make sure that Google treats each domain separately.

So PBN links still work for SEO. But there are many factors to look upon when building the PBN Backlinks. You should make sure that all the PBN sites are hosted with Unique IP’s, the PBN sites are with zero footprints.

When building links from the PBN’s the common mistake people will do is that they will use spun content and will build a bunch of links at the same time. Actually, when you are building links from PBN blogs, you should treat it as a normal website and publish it with the good content. Also, you should build links over a period of time and not instantly with a bunch of links. You can check out the book written by me, Dinesh Kumar VM on Link Building Guide where he explained in detail about the link building.

Forum links

Forums are the common place where the users normally debate about a particular topic. Also, you can drop a question in some forums and you will get the proper solution for it from the Forum members. You can find such forums, find the relevant questions or discussions relevant to your business and give a proper answer by giving a reference link back to your website. One such forum is Quora.

Similar to Quora there are many more forums available online and you can make use of it in an effective way. It’s not only to just build links, You can also get more potential traffic from the forum sites.

As an SEO Consultant, you can follow the above mentioned strategies and plan the Off Page SEO. It’s not only about building links. It’s all about putting up a word about your business or brand in the external sources, so the new user’s can know about your brand.

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