Must Know about HESI exam and Eligibility criteria for HESI exam

What is HESI exam

“The term HESI in the exam stands for Health Education System Incorporated. It is the name of the organizing company which initially originated in the United States. The exam tests are planned in such a way that it helps the nursing and other students opting for health related professions”, According to Ricky, a former exam counselor at Myassignmenthelp.

The planning of the tests are done by the Elsevier Student Life. The test patterns are set by them in such a way that it (the exam) provides a widespread evaluation of the student’s review in a tabular and chart format for the different subjects chosen by them.

The HESI exam is mainly for two types of students. They are health profession students and nursing students.

For the case of nursing students, the exam is mainly offered for three roles:

  • Licensed Vocational Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse (LVN/LPN)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

In case of the health profession students, the exam is mainly held for the following ten areas. They are:

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Assisting
  • EMT
  • Radiography
  • Respiratory care
  • Medical assisting
  • Massage therapy
  • Medical Insurance billing and coding
  • Paramedicine
  • Veterinary technology

The current HESI exam tests for the health profession student and nursing students are not restricted to only one test. It is basically a series of test exams and product preparation used by the respective schools to check the mastery of their own admitted students during their course time.

The schools providing courses for the above mentioned tests can select different types of tests they want to take. It may require a student attending for their course to pass the HESI as their midterm or final exam in their curriculum.

As for example, in the nursing exam section, a student needs to clear the tests covering areas like pharmacology and nutrition. In case of RN (Registered Nurses), there are 18 speciality exams.

In the case of LVN/LPN (Licensed Vocational Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse), there are 14 exams; whereas for APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse), there are three exams.

The HESI exam is used by the schools to make sure that the students can find their respective academic courses and make up for the found deficiency. It will in turn help the students to face their understanding lags and update them accordingly to avoid possible setbacks in their main coursework.

Generally, a HESI exam consists of mainly some tough problems. It is done that way to check the critical-thinking skills of the examinee. The question pattern difficulty is of the similar level to that of the board examinations.

Taking this exam will make a student familiarise with the board exam patterns and upon getting familiarised with the exam question pattern, licensing exam will be easy for those students.

According to Keira, academic consultant at My assignment Help – “Many students appearing for this exam may think the exam as a frustrating one, but in reality, this exam is specially designed to make the students get comfortable with the real (final) test patterns”.
Eligibility criteria for HESI exam

The Health Education System Incorporated (HESI) entrance exam, also known as HESI Admission Assessment (A2) exam is taken to evaluate the candidature of the admitting nursing student. It is an accelerated and traditional nursing program.

The academic part of the exam mainly consists of areas like-

  • Math,
  • General knowledge,
  • Biology, grammar,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • Anatomy and physiology.

In the end, there is a specific section generally named as ‘Learning and personality styles’, is used to recognise and categorise the examinee’s learning style and personality.

The school organizing the exams can select the aspects based on which they want to assess the candidates applied under their school name. The HESI A2 exam can be taken at any of the selected Prometric testing centres.

Applying and exam scheduling

Before applying and scheduling the exam, the student must register with HESI and get a testing code also known as Eligibility ID. All the payments related to HESI should be paid through Prometric; the fees for the test varies from site to site. The average fee is $95.

The total testing time while giving the exam through Prometric is limited to four hours only. The students should plan their timing in such a way that they could attempt all the sections in the given time.

While participating for the exam, the examinee must complete all the assessment types. The section types are-

  • Math (60 minutes),
  • Anatomy and physiology (30 minutes),
  • Grammar (60 minutes),
  • Reading comprehension (60 minutes) and in the end Learning and personality style (30 minutes).

The time mentioned above in the brackets are the recommended ones, students can increase or decrease the time allotment as per their specialization but the total time must always add up to 4 hours.

Apply for exam

A student can also apply for Distance testing eligibility. For this part, the student must have an Evolve student account with the HESI Assessment. In order to register for the exam, in case the student does not have the account, s/he can create the same from the evolve site at

After successful creation of the account, registration for the distance testing exam can be done by initially going to the ‘HESI Assessment Student Access’ then going to Register for a Distance Exam through Distance Testing Tab, a form will appear. The form is for applying for the HESI exam on a distance basis.

In the form page, the applicant needs to fill up the full form and submit. On successful submission of the form the student will be successfully registered for the HESI exam.

After submitting all the requirement forms, a student must wait for around 1-3 business days from the time of submission. Within the stated time the applicant will receive their Eligibility ID.

Before sitting for the exam, a student must select his /her exam centre. In order to select the same s/he must schedule the place and time of the exam beforehand. For selecting the centre location and time the student needs to go to the website.

After loading the homepage of the website, go to the ‘D-G’ marked tab, then select the ‘Elsevier’ option menu. On complete loading of the webpage, select the option ‘Locate a Test Centre’. After selecting the option, a webpage with the name ‘Pro Scheduler’ will load.

After filling all the details, the student needs to select a suitable centre and exam date and time according to his /her liking. In the next page, the student needs to give consent and payment related tasks are done in the next page. On successful payment, the student is registered for the exam and can avail the same in the mentioned time.

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