How to Improve a Chatbot Conversation Strategy?

Chatbots is a technology which has been in existence for decades now. Beginning from Elizza and today as Alexa, chatbots have had an interesting journey. However, it will not be wrong to say that chatbots are still at its growing stage. The abilities of a chatbot are practically endless, and there are numerous ways in which they can further be explored so that their ultimate potential can be unleashed.

Pertaining to the leaps and bounds, in which the chatbot technology has progressed, the process of chatbot development is simpler and more hassle-free than it was in the past. The greatest challenge involved with the development of chatbots, however, lies in what kind of an experience it can provide to a user. The big question that emerges out of this thought is if ever chatbot will possess conversation capabilities similar to that of a human being.

The design and usability of a chatbot are undoubtedly two very important factors which dictate the popularity of the same. However, the main factor that sets one chatbot apart from its competition is its conversation strategy.

This blog will focus on how you can improve the conversation strategy of a chatbot. However, before talking about the conversation strategy, let's just set up a context and provide you with a background, so that things are easier for you to grasp. Let’s start with talking about the flow of a chatbot conversation.

What is Meant by a Chatbot Conversational Flow?

A chatbot conversational flow is a list that provides you with information about outcomes, events and decisions. You can create this flow by creating a list, which will comprise the tasks and functions that you want your chatbot to perform. As soon as this list is ready, you need to create a flowchart which will include the possible consequences and outcomes along with the actions the bot needs to perform as a reaction.

Next, you need to know a bit more details about the history of chatbots, which will ease your journey to the section where we discuss the improvement of chatbot conversation strategy.

Background of Chatbots

As we have talked about in a previous section, business owners are continuously improving their chatbots, to eventually grow their businesses. This is prevalent from the fact that over 80% of the total number of existing businesses are planning to implement the use of chatbots by the year 2020.

It’s been three years since the entire world started interacting with the chatbots of Facebook, and even longer in the case of website and SMS chatbots. Users are constantly making demands for the chatbots to improve, which is motivating developers around the world to improve the functional capabilities of chatbots. 

The plan to grow a business using chatbots is immensely simple, which includes steps like creating a chatbot, which is followed by the marketing of the same, during which the users get to know about it and get interested, the third sept involve engaging the customers even more so that more users choose to make use of the technology, and lastly, the most important part is to make sure that your chatbot contributes greatly to the growth of your business.

Doesn't matter if you conduct this process in-house or you plan to spend money on chatbot development services, the actual journey from creation to people using it, is a part of a strategy.

Finally let's start talking about how to improve the conversation strategy of chatbots.

How to Improve the Conversation Strategy of Chatbots?

Begin the process with an introduction

Popular reports say that over 75%of the customers available online are actually keen to know whether they are conversing with a chatbot or a human being, while they are visiting a website and are greeted with an automated voice assistance system. 48% of those people actually admitted that it was scary when a particular chatbot pretends to be human.

Therefore, as the comfort and ease of your customer is the most important factor, deciding the success of your business, you need to make sure that you inform all the existing users, beforehand, whether they are covered with a chatbot or a real person.

Do not force the customers

This issue is very common. Perhaps a user has visited your website, for a completely different reason that what you think. You have created the functioning of your chatbot, based on the reaction you have expected, but in a lot of cases, it may not be so. So make sure that the chatbot is your website, does nto barge in towards a user, asking him questions continuously, may result in him moving away from your website and never coming back.

Present options

The most convenient way to execute a chatbot conversation strategy is to present the user with options at the very beginning of a conversation. Don't irritate the user by continuously asking him questions, but just make the chatbot a list of functions that it can perform for him. This will impress and attract users, as it will provide them the freedom to choose what they want.

Include a human touch

Even though most users are habituated in responding to a chatbot, when they visit a website, there still are a huge percentage of people, they would prefer to have a human-like conversation with a particular chatbot.

There are a few ways in which you can achieve this, the first one is creating a chatbot which is backed up with the assistance of AI or artificial intelligence. These bots have the ability to learn and grow as they converse with a particular user and then use that knowledge in conversing with the next one.

Another very popular method is by making use of NLP or natural language processing, which enables you chatbots with the ability to understand the tone of customers and after that craft the conversation in such a way that the users provide positive feedback.


The chatbot strategy of communicating with users, which visit your website, is in reality far more interesting than you think.

The popular benefits that it brings to the table for businesses, include provision of quick solutions, round-the-clock support and reduction in the number of incoming tickets. None of these benefits will make any sense only if a user can smoothly converse with a chatbot.

The above blog, talks in detail about exactly the same topic, of how the conversation strategies of chatbots can be made more advanced and improved.

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