Disruptive Features That Taxi Dispatch Software Must Have To Stay Competitive

After Uber's astonishing success, the hundreds of taxi businesses have tried their hands on taxi software development to accelerate the business and churn out more profits. Alas! All of them are not able to raise a toast to success like Uber or Lyft. Obviously, it raises a question why there are only a few taxi services that stay on the top of the user’s mind.

The answer is very simple. The leading taxi businesses have focused on giving outstanding services to the riders, delivering great cab hailing experience and making the business better embracing trending technologies and considering changes in the user’s behavior and habits. What’s your take?

Yes, it’s none other than building an impeccable taxi solution that offers the best services to the passengers, enables seamless taxi management, and provides meaningful insights to maximize business productivity.

Take a quick glance at the features that are integral to the taxi solution to enjoy grandeur success:

Make it simple

Many times, the attempt of making the app world-class turned out to be worse in the sense it’s packed with a lot of functionalities and the use of several ornamental design elements, which impacts the app usability. Only the reasonable features should be developed and designed that are easy to understand, browse, and find. Also, don’t play with conventional icons, else they muddy the water.

The convenience is a key. So, building two different applications- driver app and passenger app is vital to allow the drivers and passengers to use the app to their convenience. The driver-side and passenger-side apps have a distinct set of functionalities that need to be engineered in two separate interfaces.

Having chat functionality

The in-app calling works well when the drivers want to communicate with the passengers or vice-versa. Sometimes, during meetings or in a silent zone, attending the call is impossible. That’s where chat functionality works wonders.

The in-app chat allows the drivers to communicate the passengers about any delay in picking up, enable passengers to help drivers in reaching the pick-up point or inform the passenger about any unfortunate event before arrival.

Seamless notifications functionality

It’s an age of instant connection where the passengers want to get informed right at the moment. With flawless push notification management, the driver and passengers will be informed with the right message immediately.

For instance, the passengers receive the push notifications for the booking confirmation, when the journey starts, when the journey ends, booking cancellation, about payment to pay, thank you note, coupons and offers, and much more. Stay in touch with your customers at the fingertips using push notifications.

User feedback

Undoubtedly, the reviews and ratings that passengers provide is the first mirror to the taxi services that they provide. With user review and rating feature implementation, the businesses will get rich insights into what the passengers think about the services, the pain points that interfere with the user experience, and the things which need to be reshaped and reorganized in order to make the passengers’ journey hassle-free.

Consider the user’s feedback to weigh the taxi business influence in the market. It’s a valuable treasure that unearths the hidden insights which further helps in enhancing taxi management, business productivity, and driver’s efficiency with intelligent decisions.

Digital payment system

In the digital universe, making the payment using hard money is on the verge of becoming an extinct species. To step in with the e-payment trend, integrating the digital payment system is important for the taxi business.

The mobile payment ends the hassle of managing paper invoices and accounts, allay the fear of carrying a lot of cash in the pocket and alleviate the time-consuming process of counting cash. The payment system automatically computes the fare based on the distance traveled and displays the details of payment to the passengers, which eliminate the conflicts raised at the end of the ride for charging unfair payment or drivers asking for the tips.

Besides, the multitude of payment options such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, or e-wallets doesn’t limit the passengers to pay with a few payment modes. The linked credit or debit card information of the passengers is kept confidential and secure following the payment card industry data security standards so that passengers can pay digitally with a peace of mind.

It results in satisfying passengers that can bring hundreds more passengers and spread a good word about the quality service that taxi business provide.

Mapping and geo-location technology integration

For efficient operations, having a notable taxi Management system in place is essential. With GPS technology, the taxi business owner can track the vehicles in real-time, which helps in identifying the vehicles’ location, detect any malfunctioning in the vehicle, and find whether the vehicle is driving under the safe speed limit or not.

The data helps in minimizing car accidents, proactive vehicle maintenance, and reducing vehicle management cost, which in turn, increase ROI. Also, the passenger’s safety can be ensured as it’s easier to track the vehicle location, the route it’s taking and the time for which it’s standing idle.

With Google map API or Apple map API integration, the passengers and drivers can track each other’s location instantly. The tracking feature helps passengers to know whether the driver is following the right route or not in reaching the pickup point, or why the delay is made in reaching the pickup point (traffic jam, fire, or heavy rain). The point-to-point directions make navigation a breeze.

Final thought

It’s an age of customers who have gone mobile in every way. Then why not make your business stay tuned to the customers. Right? Let’s make taxi business unique, trendy, convenient, effortless, and advanced with excellent Taxi Booking Software to stay in the competition and avoid attrition to competitors. Feel free to contact us if you are looking to hire a software development team to create a robust taxi dispatch solution.

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