Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App With 4 Amazing Plugins!

Mobile devices have held an essential place in the lives of people. They’re considered the future of web browsing, but honestly, we believe they’re the present.

According to a report shared by Statista, mobile devices contribute to over 50% of the website’s hits. The stats for your website may vary, reflecting a bit of your brand’s market standing. Either way, for your brand to expand, you have to cater to the audience using both the desktop and mobile devices.

The immediate action you need to take to address your mobile users is to take your website to everyone’s mobile phones. If you own a WordPress website, then this article is for you.

Installing a responsive WordPress theme to satisfy your user’s mobile-related needs is an important step you need to make as an entrepreneur. Choose a theme that can adjust the layout of your pages into the window size.

Virtually speaking, every quality WordPress theme is by default, responsive, since this functionality is vital in retaining the mobile users.

However, you can take a step further in your tech-game if you hire WordPress developers to carry forward the conversion process. After analyzing the market, it has been observed that many users prefer mobile applications over mobile websites for obvious reasons like easy offline access, flexibility, etc.

The process of developing a mobile application is a bit hectic; it requires a developer to work on both the client-side and server-side of an app, and takes months to be developed from scratch.

However, it is not equally troublesome to convert your existing WordPress website into a mobile application and make it reach millions of users at a single time.

WordPress offers a site owner with multiple exceptional plugins (mostly paid) that allows one to convert their website into a mobile application in less time and cost.

This write-up will enlighten you with four of the best plugin options you have to neatly package your online brand into a goddamn great mobile app.

So shall we?

Let’s start with the most fundamental question you need to ask yourself.

Why should you develop a mobile application?

The question is fair by all means since mobile applications, and mobile websites can both be accessed via a smartphone, mobile applications take over the competition in many aspects.

Developing a mobile app will provide you with the following benefits:


The content of a mobile app loads much faster as they store most of the data locally.


Mobile applications provide better user engagement since it allows for shortcuts to most steps needed in accessing a website. Users can simply tap on the icon, rather than opening the mobile browser to search the URL.

Access to smartphone features:

Your mobile app would be able to utilize the native features, including camera, push notifications, and various other apps.

Better User Interface:

Choosing a good WordPress theme will allow you to fit your website into any screen size. However, a mobile app would provide you with tighter control on the onscreen components enabling seamless user experience.

In simpler words, it’s wise to maintain both a mobile app and mobile website for your business, since different platforms offer different benefits.

A responsive website will catch traffic from backlinks and search engines while a mobile app would provide a seamless user experience.

So how to create a mobile app out of your WordPress website?

It’s easy!

You can create an efficient mobile application from your WordPress website using the following four plugins:
  1. Mobiloud
  2. AppPresser
  3. AndroApp
  4. WPMobile.App
So, let’s dig in.

1. Mobiloud:

If you need an easy way to design a mobile app, Mobiloud is here to cater. It is one of the leading solutions to help convert your WordPress website into an incredible mobile application for both iOS and Android. The tool is more of a conversion service than a plugin; you can simply provide your WordPress site to the mobiloud team, who will then maintain and design your site.

The service’s USP is the all-inclusive plan they offer. The service will manage all app development, designing, testing, publishing, maintenance, and distribution via the google store or apple app store.

If you have subscribed to the service, mobiloud will keep updating your application’s content after a change has been implemented on your WordPress website or update has been published by iOS or Android.

2. AppPresser:

If you are enthused about building your own application, then AppPresser is something you must ensure to use. The incredible app builder will help you craft and design a mobile app solution you can call your own.

One of the most liked features of AppPresser is its visual customizer that functions similarly to a page builder in the WordPress. Try hiring a developer who has made her/his flow in designing the page layout of WordPress; they will pick AppPresser functioning pretty quickly compared to others.

It also offers a live preview feature that allows you to track your website’s development in real-time.

3. AndroApp:

AndroApp is another WordPress-to-app converter that caters to entrepreneur’s mobile-based development needs. It requires you to subscribe to it for $66, and then an entrepreneur can use its incredible abilities. It is another affordable substitute for premium plugins. It also comes in a free version of cost, but that will require you to allow your app to display AndroApp advertisements.

Since it offers its services at more affordable rates, it will not help you develop an iOS application. Even if you develop an Android app using it, it will still not be compatible with other powerful WordPress integrations such as WooCommerce. 

4. WPMobile.App:

The tool is impressive for every entrepreneur who wishes to build an application in less budget. One can develop both iOS as well as Android apps using WPMobile.App. It provides many customizable features of various tools that allow one-time payment, with no extra cost, hidden or annual.

The tool can be excellently integrated with the WordPress dashboard, allowing one to set up the application, alter its looks, and analyze the performance just through the plugin window in your WordPress website’s admin account. You will have to take forward the testing process, but the tool also offers to test the build action.


Catering to a broader audience is the dream of every website owner, and these four tools are capable of making it real. All you have to do is, hire WordPress programmers to help you get the task done. Once you have found the right developer with great knowledge, excellent skills, and incredible experience, you can forward the conversion process without any hassle.

And these tools will get you with an add on benefit.

So unleash the potential of your WordPress website and take it to smartphones.

This is the right opportunity for you.

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