How to Remove Powered by Blogger from Footer

Here let think about this trick ,you have a blog and you don't want your friend to know the platform you are currently using or you don't find it comfortable allowing the footer attribution and you want to remove if from your blog footer but you don't know how, you will now be asking how do i remove powered by blogger 2020? 

Here in this post i will be teaching you how to remove this on your own without affecting  your template or even your blog CSS and appearance on the search Engine, SEO or backlinks.

This widget allows you to add a copyright notice at the bottom (in the footer section) of your blog. Due to some reasons, Blogger has locked attribution widget which prevents you from deleting it directly. Here we have two simple workarounds that can help you to remove "Powered by Blogger" attribution widget from your blog. 

How to remove "Powered by Blogger" widget

In this method, we will unlock the attribution widget in your Blogger template. Here's a step-by-step guide -
  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard, go to Template, and then click "Edit HTML" button.
  • Now tap "Jump to Widget" button and click "Attribution1" from the drop-down list.
  • Find the following code in the template editor and replace locked=’true with locked=’false’.
’Attribution1′" locked="’true’" title="”" type="’Attribution’code-box

  • After this, click "Save template" button to save the changes. Now you have successfully unlocked the attribution widget.
  • To delete "Powered by Blogger" from your blog, go to Layout section and click edit link of the attribution widget.
  • Now a pop up window will open. Tap "Remove" button here to remove the widget from your blog.

How to hide attribution widget using CSS

You can also hide this attribution widget from your blog using display:none property of the CSS. Please note that, we aren't actually removing the widget from the HTML code, instead we are just hiding it from the webpage. Follow these steps -
  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard and go to Template > Edit HTML.
  • Click anywhere in the template editor and press CTRL+F to open the search box.
  • Type ]]></b:skin> code and press the enter button to search for it.
  • Just above ]]></b:skin>, paste the following CSS code:
  • #Attribution1 {display: none;}
  • Now tap "Save template" button to save the changes. That's it.
We hope you find this guide helpful in removing this attribution widget from your blog. If you want to ask something about this tutorial, feel free to share it in the comment section.

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