How To Download Messenger and Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger is an application developed and managed by Facebook. It is available for Android, iPhone Users and many other Operating systems. Facebook Messenger is also known as Messenger.

Features Of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has a lot of interesting features listed as follows.
  • Enables you to chat with your friends on Facebook
  • Fast Video Call and Chat
  • Fast Audio Call and Chat
  • Fast Text Messaging and lots more.
So If you are looking for how to download Facebook messenger app and install it on your smartphone. This post is all about how to do that. Kindly follow the below instructions and you will have Facebook Messenger running on your Smartphone.

Is Messenger Safe?

Yes. Messenger is a Very Safe Place to Chat and connect with your loved ones. It also has a secret Conversation feature which you can enable and disable at any time.

How To Download Facebook Messenger On Android

If you are using Android operating system, you can download facebook messenger app from Google Playstore by visiting the following link

So if your smartphone doesn't support Google Playstore, search the web to download Messenger.

How To Download Facebook Messenger On iPhone

If you are using iOS that is iPhone Operating System, you can download facebook messenger from Apple Store by visiting the following link

The above links enables you to download the latest version of Facebook messenger app for both Android and iPhone operating systems. So you can also use this method to update your Facebook messenger application.

How to Download Facebook Messenger Lite

If you’re tired of messenger day and seeing games you’ll never play, I have a good news for you: there’s a much simpler version of Facebook Messenger Called Messenger Lite that gets Rid of all the nonsense.

The Messenger Lite it’s not exactly a secret. It has Over 200 million people who are using it around the world. But it’s not available in some countries like The United States and Some Locations,

Messenger Lite is a dramatically simplified version of the app that is “faster, uses less data, and works in all types of network conditions.” lThere are three tabs: Home, Contacts, and Profile. Home is a straightforward list of your Messenger chats (with a helpful “Active Now” row of people currently online). Contacts is a massive list of your Facebook friends which I think is organized based on who you’ve talked to most recently. Next to everyone’s name, it shows when they were last active on Messenger. And the Profile Tab is just where you handle settings, notifications, and so on.

Android users might be familiar with the process of installing applications from Unknown Sources.  After checking the Installation of Apps for Unknown Sources, You can go ahead and Download the Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite can be found and be Downloaded from Messenger Lite official website. You can download it directly from PlayStore or AppStore onto most Android and iPhone with immediate Installation.

Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite can be Installed on your device without any one overwriting Each other. So Messenger Lite Does Not support some features like:
  1. Voice and video calling
  2. Android: Chat heads
  3. App extensions (Spotify, Lyft, etc.)
  4. GIFs Support
  5. Android: The ability to use Messenger as your SMS / texting app (on Android)

Advantages Of  Facebook Messenger Lite:

  1. No Messenger Day Feature (a clone of Snapchat stories)
  2. No Games
  3. No Bots.
  4. No Lag and stuttering (Messenger Lite is fast)
  5. Saves Megabytes (Lite takes up less space on your phone) and lots more. 
What do you think about this app Facebook Messenger Lite? As for me I think this is the best way to use the official Facebook app and be able to chat easily without any lag, chat while you like and comment on people's posts. 

How To Make Messenger Conference Call

For you to make a conference call on Messenger, you will need to have a group selected or create one in order to make the group call. If you have a group already select it in the Messenger app. If you need to create a group, you can do this by:
  • Open the Messenger App
  • Log In to Messenger
  • Tap on “Groups” at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on “Create” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • A list of your contacts will appear. Tap on all the people you want to add to the group or search for them by name in the “To:” box just under the group name.
  • When you have everyone you want on the call selected, tap on the “Create” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
To Make Messenger Conference Call: Make sure you are in the “Groups” tab in Facebook Messenger. Tap on the Group you want to call. You should see a phone icon in the chat icons at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it. The app will then notify group members of the call. As people join the call, you will notice their names in the “On the call” section. There are options to put the call on speaker, end the call or mute yourself.

Can You Download Facebook Messenger on PC?

You can use Messenger on your PC and laptop, all you have to do is go to and register a Messenger account or login with a Facebook account and connect with your loved ones.

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