How to Check EcoBank Account Balance on Phone

You are looking for how to Check Ecobank account balance on phone without data, that why you are on this page now, this article will explain everything you need to know.

EcoBank is one of the international banks in Nigeria with branches in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The pan-African bank was created when a number of banks on the brink of liquidation several years ago were amalgamated. Today, the bank has grown steadily, and her clientele has increased exponentially across Africa. 

You can do more with Ecobank mobile banking. This is a digital banking platform, setup by Ecobank to help their users enjoy easy banking. You can send money, buy airtime, check account balance and do many other things using Ecobank mobile banking codes.

Ecobank account balance code for checking account balance without internet or data connection. With this code to check ecobank account balance, you can check and view your account balance through your phone without going to the bank.

How To Activate Ecobank Mobile Banking Code

When you dial *326# on your mobile phone device, the following will appear on your screen.

  • Open Xpress Account
  • Create PIN
  • Xpress Save
  • Xpress Loan
  • Select option 2, which is “Create PIN”
  • Input your desired 4 digit PIN and follow the on-screen prompt to finalize the mobile banking activation.

You have successfully created your PIN for mobile banking.

Now, that you have activated your phone number for mobile banking, the next thing is to learn how to carryout transactions with it. So, continue reading as we guide you to achieve it.

How Ecobank Bank Account Balance Code Works 

Many questions people ask is “how much do Ecobank charge for checking your account balance?” Yes, there is a particular amount that is been deducted from your account each time you check your account balance. This money is called account balance checking fee, cost of the service.

Ecobank charges their customers N20 each time they check their account balance. This looks unfair compared to banks that charge N10 for same service. This means that each time you check your account balance, that N20 will be deducted from your account as service charge.

How to Register for EcoBank Account balance Code

Before you can check your Ecobank account balance. You need to register and activate Ecobank bank mobile banking on your device. This is possible, if you still have the phone number linked to your Ecobank account. The phone number must be active.

If you have not Registered for Ecobank mobile banking, *326# to activate it. Follow the command on your phone screen. Once you have completed registration, follow the steps below to check your account balance. N/B – Registration is free no cost is required.

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance

The below information will explain to you how to check your EcoBank account balance with USSD code.

If you want to check EcoBank account balance with USSD code, navigate to phone’s dialer, then dial *326*0# and follow the next screen prompt to check your account balance.

NOTE: You must use the SIM or the phone number you registered with EcoBank that is linked to your bank account for a successful transaction. 

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance Via Mobile App

If you want to avoid that fee, the best way to do that is to download and register your Ecobank mobile app, after which you can check your account balance without paying anything. But the thing is, the mobile app requires an internet connection.
This is the other method. All you need to do is simply open your device’s app store, search for and download the “Ecobank Mobile Banking App”, install, configure, and use, following the instructions.

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