6 Best KIK Messenger Alternatives

Kik Messenger is a free instant messaging and social networking app that uses your smartphone's data plan or Wi-Fi connection to send messages to other Kik users, bypassing SMS (short message service). It's available on iOS, Android, and Amazon for Kindle Fire.
Kik is definitely one of the most popular apps in the messaging world right now. It has a huge user base in the U.S and other parts of the world as well. However, there are many people who don’t feel comfortable with Kik because of the rise of spam accounts on the service. 

KIK Messenger alternatives

Kik makes it easier than ever before to keep in touch with your friends and family. Unlike other apps that require you to disclose your phone number, Kik allows you to sign up and send messages with just your email address, which helps keep your privacy safe.

Are you still not satisfied with Kik? Or, perhaps you are looking for more options that you can use alongside Kik. At any rate, here are 5 applications that are very much  Kik Messenger alternatives.

5 Best KIK Messenger Alternatives

01. Google Hangouts

Google’s Hangouts was a slow starter in the beginning, especially because Google already had a chat integrated with its email client and people were used to it. However, Hangouts has picked up very well now and used by millions across the globe.

Hangouts is a pretty straightforward messaging app that lets you make video and voice calls and also lets you communicate via text messages, pictures, voice and video messages. Hangouts is definitely a great app to have, since almost everyone uses a Google Id for Gmail and other Google products. Many Android phones come with Hangouts preinstalled.

02. Facebook Messenger

Messenger is an instant messaging app developed by Facebook. It is simply called ‘Messenger’ and not Facebook Messenger. It is a cross platform app and can be used to connect with the people who are already on Facebook.

You can make voice and video calls to your friends on Facebook. At the same time, you can also connect to the people outside your friends’ list if they accept your request. Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging apps at this time. You can use it as an alternative to Kik or along with Kik. Choice is yours.

03. WhatsApp

If there is a messaging app that needs no introduction or even a mention, it is WhatsApp. Billions of people all over the world already use this app. It is undeniably the most famous messaging application of all times. WhatsApp has truly revolutionized the world of instant messaging.

It is only reasonable to have WhatsApp on your device as everyone else also has it and so you can stay connected very easily. WhatsApp has a very simple and user-friendly interface. In spite of not having introduced video calling for the longest time, WhatsApp still remained as the number one app. However, now WhatsApp has also rolled out its video calling feature, which is incredible.

04. Skype

This is another app that hardly requires any introduction. Most of the people who have been using internet and computer for a while must have also used Skype application. In fact, when the trending messaging apps of today were not so common, Skype was being used by millions of people.

Today, Skype is not used much for personal communication as other instant messaging apps have emerged. However, if you are looking for something with resemblance to Kik, you can certainly install Skype. Skype has desktop app, web-based app, and a mobile app as well. So, there are many ways use you can use Skype.

This app is now owned by Microsoft so you can integrate it with your Microsoft account as well.

05. WeChat

WeChat is another app that bears close resemblance to Kik Messenger. However, if truth be told, WeChat isn’t very popular. Therefore, you will not be able to communicate with a lot of people if you are using only WeChat. Install this app along with other popular messaging apps so that you can stay in touch with more people.

06. Tango

Tango is a community of a people from all around the world and it offers more than just a platform for simple chats. You can actually post your status updates and follow other people’s updates via Tango, you can meet new friends from around you by looking at their profile cards and then swiping them if you want to initiate a chat or not. You can share pictures and audio with your friends and add beautiful emojis to make your chats even more entertaining. 

Make high quality video calls to your loved ones and talk to them as if you were sitting right next to them with the crisp quality. Tango also brings you amazing deals on some of your favorite brands so you can shop at the best places while paying very less. Pretty great for a Kik alternative.

NOTE:  you can download all the applications from Google play store. Just search for the m name and download it to your phone.

If you have any other alternative application to KIK Messenger don't hesitate to let us know about it and don't forget to hit the share and tweet buttons below.

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