How to Avoid Being Blocked by Facebook

The Social Media giant Facebook is always trying to improve his user experience and security protection. This is why he is still at number one position. Although little spam is everywhere where but comparing with other social networking sites, Facebook is far better, clean and secure. To protect user privacy, it has its own security checks and block system.

Facebook always take major actions on any spam accounts and now it's smart enough to hunt them. I know it's really painful to lose your private account. So to be on safe side, you've to know how Facebook system works and how you can avoid your private account from block penalties or being blocked. Before moving to the main tutorial, let me explain what is Facebook block system (also know as Facebook virtual jail) and how it works.

There are two type of blocks by Facebook. One is permanent and other is temporary. Permanent Block will block you permanently and you won't be able to access your account or a particular service in any way. The second one is, temporary block which will disable your account or against a particular services for a limited period of time, after which you can access them again.

Facebook usually penalize users with temporary block only but if the problem is serious or if a person is repeating that same mistake again and again, it may be blocked permanently. Also, If someone is trying to hack Facebook account, there are chances that the Facebook Account will be blocked or locked out. Below I have written some secrets tips which can help you to keep your account away from these Facebook block penalties.

#1. One person, one account only

Facebook policy clearly stated that one person can hold one account only. However, you can create any number of groups and pages in that account. Facebook has billions of active users but it doesn't mean that all users are real. Around 20-25% accounts are fake and they are used for spam purpose only. As already mentioned, Facebook is strict against them and that's why it is hard to create a duplicate account.

If it's really necessary for you to create a duplicate account, you have to be very careful. Your original and duplicate account should not be connected in any way. For example, If the phone number or account details you have filled will match with your original profile, Facebook will immediately block you. Treat them with different identity and don't add too many mutual friends or join and like similar groups and pages. Doing this, you're giving an edge to Facebook that your account is duplicate.

#2. Control group activities

Groups are the best way to join hand with anonymous people. This is why Facebook take them very serious. It can ban you from posting, joining, adding and commenting on groups. To avoid these penalties, keep these important things in your mind.
  • Don't create too many groups
  • Don't add all friends in any group - Facebook allow users to add their friends in group without their permission. This feature should be used in positive way. There is certain limit after which you may be blocked to add new members.
  • Don't post too much - If you'll post same thing in too many groups, Facebook may find it spammy and thus you may be blocked for future posting. Never use auto bots to post on multiple Facebook groups at once. It can detected by Facebook easily and you may run into trouble.
  • Don't comment too much - In the same way, you should avoid to comment same thing in different posts. Keep a little time period gap between each comment and twist the content. Also, don't add links each time. If you'll do so, Facebook will mark your website as spam and users will be displayed a security check before they will leave Facebook to visit your website.

#3. Control page activities

Pages are good way to be in touch with your fans or followers. Almost every official and unofficial person or organisation has their page on Facebook. So it become necessary to keep their standard. Here are some simple tips you should consider to avoid page related block penalties.
  • Don't like too many pages - Although, there is no specific limit but if you'll like too many pages at the same time, you may be temporarily blocked by Facebook to like new pages.
  • Don't spam in comments - As like in groups, you should avoid to post spam comments in Facebook pages. For example, sharing your website links in too many comments will obviously look spammy and thus you or your website will be penalized.
  • Don't create unnecessary pages
As a page owner, you should avoid to post same thing each time. Another important thing is that, Facebook doesn't allow users to post copyright videos on their pages. If you'll do so, you'll be blocked from posting new videos.

#4. Don't send or accept unknown friend requests

This is very very important. We all know that Facebook help us to connect with our friends and family members but there are many people who use it for other negative purposes as well. For example, kidnappers and fraudsters use it to trap small kids and innocents. Thousands of cases have been filled against this. On the other hand, some terrorist groups are using social media sites to build to their online army.

Facebook itself is a virtual world where every real person living in this earth holds his/her own identity and good thing as well as bad thing is that, they all are in one place or under one roof. Due to these negative reasons, Facebook make sure that you're connected with those people only which are present in your real life. So If you'll continue to send or accept unknown friend requests for a long time, Facebook will definitely block you and it can be a permanent block as well.

#5. Don't send messages to unknown people

Facebook is watching all its users and they keep record of all activities you do. Although, sending a normal message is no offense but if you'll send number of spam messages, you'll be blocked temporarily or may be permanently. The reason is same as explained in above point. Moreover, if the recipients will report your message to Facebook team, they will review it and then suitable action will be taken against you. While contacting any unknown person, don't send spam messages (people usually send offers and links which are considered as spam) and never message again and again if the person isn't responding.

#6. Don't use auto bots & auto likers

Do you know what auto bots are? Okay, let me define it. In simple words, auto bots are the tools (basically online websites) that can do multiple task at once without manual work. Here auto means automatic and bots means robots. So its real meaning is automatic robots (virtual). They are generally used for spam purpose. For example, there are tons of auto liker websites which can help you to increase your post likes. Other auto bots are auto commenter, auto follower, multi group poster etc.,

Facebook is strictly against them and it doesn't support any kind of fake activities. If you're still using such auto bots, please remove them immediately, otherwise Facebook will have your account blocked anytime.

#7. Don't play with malicious codes

You may find thousands of articles on Facebook tricks. Some of which ask you to copy the code and then paste it in browser console or URL tab. Well this can work but did you actually know what you're doing or is it really safe. Basically those codes are coded in JavaScript language.

JavaScript codes can alter your account settings or they can use your Facebook account for spam purpose. I am saying this because I had already used them for that purpose. For example, after executing the code, you may like unknown pages, send friend requests to unknown people or post in groups and comments anonymously. If you'll be found doing such activities, Facebook will block you immediately. So simple rule is to avoid them if you are not ready for Facebook Jail.

#8. Keep your Facebook profile up to date

The more professional your Facebook profile looks, the less your chances will be to get banned. You can update your profile information by fillings it's about section. Add all your real details like correct mobile number, address (your city name is enough), DOB, gender, nickname, political view, about info and favorite quotes. You can change the privacy of these things to public, friends or only me. I hope you can do that easily. Make sure to add your real profile picture and cover photo as well. This way you proves that your account is not fake and thus Facebook may avoid it from being blocked.

#9. Protect your account from being hacked

The day your account will be hacked, Facebook will treat it as fake and it may be blocked because hacker will use it for spamming purpose. So it's very important to protect your account in advance. I had already posted some essential tips to Check, Recover and Secure Hacked Facebook Account. If you're hacked unknowingly, you should recovery your account as soon as possible. Recovering hacked account is very simple. You can use your mobile phone number or Gmail ID to request new password depending on the one you used during Registration.

#10. Don't post/promote illegal content

Facebook doesn't allow or promote illegal content in any way just like other media platforms like YouTube. This includes hacking, shocking, pornography, drugs and other sensitive content related to caste, religion, gender, color or other way round. If you'll be found to post or promote such things, Facebook will immediately take action against you. Facebook has also implemented a call to action feature that enables its users to report illegal or fake contents.

People can report your message, post or comment to Facebook team and they really act very fast. I had tried this many times and within one or two days, they will notify both users. Make sure to avoid this mistake. If bulk of reports will be filled against you, it may block your particular service or completely block your account as well.

In Conclusion:

Here are few more essential tips to avoid being blocked on Facebook -
  1. Use your real name - You should use your real names only. Using business name in personal profile is strictly prohibited and instead of that, you can create a page. I have seen many people using stylish fonts in their name. This is also bad.
  2. Be an active user - Although it's not necessary to be an active user but if your account will be dead for a long time (say 2 years), it may be blocked temporarily and you've to pass a security check in order to access it again.
  3. Don't tag all friends - Tagging is made to tag those people who are in the photo or at the time when you're updating your status. Unfortunately, this feature is misused by many people just to get little likes on their posts.
  4. Don't Change IP - Don't change your browser IP address or login from unknown devices (like from cyber cafe).
Now I just hope that you can now avoid and prevent your Facebook account from being blocked by Facebook.

What to do when your Facebook Account is Blocked

Facebook is getting stronger every day. It has millions of active users which most of the Accounts, are used for spam purposes only. Facebook has its own security checks and block system that doesn't have mercy on any account found guilty of spamming. Facebook also keeps a record of all activities you do and they are reviewed both manually and automatically. Facebook takes major actions against those spam users.

However, blocked users usually ask what to do when their account has been penalized or is there any way to bypass the block system. The answers to these questions is that you need to know about Facebook Jail, how it works and why they block people. Previously we discussed

What is Facebook Jail? Types of block

If you're found guilty of any spam activities, Facebook will put you in Facebook Jail. Sounds weird right?. This is just a virtual jail where your account or its particular service(s) will be blocked for some period of time or permanently.

There are two types of block. One is permanent and the other one is temporary. In a permanent block, you'll be blocked permanently and you can't access your account or a particular service(s) again in any way. This type of block is specially for spammers and hackers who are trying to play with Facebook security.

The second one is, a temporary block which will disable your account or against a particular service(s) for a limited period of time and you can access them again when the restriction is removed. For example, If you'll post unnecessary things in groups, you may be blocked from posting new things in future and this restriction will last for a few days. In the same way, if you'll send spam messages to unknown people, you'll be blocked from sending further messages.

Facebook usually penalizes users with temporary blocks but if the problem is serious or the person is repeating that same mistake again and again, it may be blocked permanently. You should be very careful at each step and play safe otherwise, you may lose your private account for no reason and it's really painful.

Why does Facebook block people?

Apart from positive benefits of Facebook, it has many negative points as well. Spammers, hackers, kidnappers and fraudsters who are using Facebook to target their victims. From the last few years, thousands of cases had been filed against this. So, Facebook responsibility is to keep their user safe and that's why, If someone violates their policies, he/she will be blocked as soon as possible.

Just like I said before, Facebook usually keeps a record of all your activities. Moreover, If someone finds you annoying, he/she can report your profile or a particular content manually. After which, it will be reviewed by the team and they will take suitable action against you. This is how the block system or Facebook Jail works.

What to do when your Facebook account is Blocked?

When you're blocked, you can't access your account or some particular feature service. The truth is, there is no way to bypass Facebook's block system. If your account is blocked permanently, there is no way to recover it. In that case, you can create a new account with a completely different identity. Don't use the same details like Email address and mobile number, otherwise Facebook may block your new account as well.

If you're blocked temporarily, you've another chance to access it again. Here are few essential information which you should keep in your mind.
  • You have to Wait: As for now, there is no option by which you can contact Facebook team to appeal them in order to remove your Account from block restriction. Everything is automatic. The only thing to do is wait and nothing else. You have to wait until you're unblocked again. It may take a few days or months as the case may be. Be patient and play safe. Make yourself engaged in other activities or other social media networks.
  • Let some time pass: When your account is blocked, slow down all activities and avoid all such things that can put your account in further restriction. Do things normally and let Facebook know that you're not violating their rules and policies or you're another normal user. For this, you can keep a little time period gap between your each activity. For example, don't message and comment on the same thing continuously.
  • Don't repeat the same mistake again: Once your account is unblocked, you should not repeat that same mistake again by which you had been blocked earlier. If you do so, you'll be blocked again and then, it will be a longer restriction. Facebook can also block your account permanently if you'll repeat similar mistakes again and again.
  • Don't play with Facebook security: Many people try different tricks to bypass this block system. You may find thousands of tutorials on Google but unfortunately, nothing will work. If any website is claiming to get back your account, they are just fooling you. They will ask you to insert a JavaScript code in your browser console or URL tab while on Facebook. This will do nothing but surely put your account in danger and thus you may be blocked permanently. So stay away from these kinds of fake tricks and don't try to play with Facebook security. Again remember that, Facebook is now strong enough to detect spam and hacker activities and you will be locked out immediately if they detect any illegal activity.
  • Remove auto bots: Auto bots are tools (basically online websites) that can do multiple tasks at once without manual work. Here auto means automatic and bots means robots. So its real meaning is automatic robots. They are generally used for spam purpose. For example, there are tons of auto liker websites which can help you to increase your posts and pages likes. Other auto bots are auto commenter, auto follower, multi group poster etc.,
Facebook is strictly against them and it doesn't support any kind of fake activities. Previously, we discussed why you should avoid Facebook auto bots and How to Remove Auto Liker from Facebook Account Completely.

This above information is the only thing you can do when you're blocked by Facebook. If you've any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment box. What type of restriction have you encountered and how do you come out of it? Kindly share your experience with us below

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