Wema Bank USSD Code for All Transactions

Wema Bank is the pioneer of Africa’s first fully digital bank, ALAT, and one of Nigeria’s most resilient banks. With decades of experience in the business of banking, the Bank has remained innovative in delivering value to its stakeholders.The Bank is constantly introducing products and services tailored to the needs of its customers at every stage of their lives.

Wema Bank  introduced a short code *945# which is quick and simple offline code that can be used to transfer money, check account balances, check accounts number, recharge airtime on your phone or other's. pay Dstv bills without going to the bank.

Benefits of The Wema Bank *945# Life

The following are what you stand to benefit with the Wema Bank *945# life.

  • Simple and convenient way of banking
  • Available 24/7
  • Transactions are completed in seconds
  • Available on all phone types
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No banking hall or forms
  • Access your account balance from anywhere
  • No need for hardware token

How to Check Wema Bank Account Number

Wema Bank has a Short Code for checking account number on mobile phone. With Wema Bank account number code, you can check your Wema Bank account number on phone using USSD code without going to the Bank or ATM machine.

If you want to check Wema bank account number with USSD code, navigate to phone’s dialer, then dial *945*000# and follow the next screen prompt to check your account number.

NOTE: You must use the SIM or the phone number you registered with Wema Bank that is linked to your bank account for a successful transaction.

How to Transfer Money from Wema Bank

Wema Bank money transfer code has made sending and receiving of money very easy as you can send or transfer money from one bank to another without going to the bank. This money transfer code is compatible with all network, MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Globacom.

You can transfer money from your Wema Bank account to other banks by dialing *945*Account Number*Amount# on your phone.

For example, If you want to transfer N10,000 to another bank just dial *945*0736434902*10000# and send. You might be asked on the next screen to enter your 4-digit ATM card Pin or the last 4-digit of your ATM number or BVN

After providing the above requirements you will be asked to select the bank of the recipient, select the bank and send. You will be charged N50 on every successful transaction.

NOTE: You must dial this money transfer code on the SIM that you registered with Wema Bank that is also linked to your Wema Bank Account for a Successful Transaction.

 How to Buy Airtime from Wema Bank to Another Number

Wema Bank has a lots of features that makes banking with them very easy. With WEMA BANK third party recharge, you can recharge other numbers from your wema bank Account on phone.

If you want to buy airtime from your Unity bank account to another number, just navigate to your dialer and dial *945*number*amount#.

For example, if you want to recharge another number with N1000, just dial *945*09061958534*1000# and the recipient number will be credited with the amount you specified.

NOTE:This transaction can only be done with a sim registered with wema Bank that is linked to your bank account.

How to Check Wema Bank Account Balance

Wema Bank has a USSD code for checking account balance without internet or data connection. With this Wema Bank account balance USSD code, you can check and view your account balance through your phone without going to the bank.

If you want to check Wema Bank account balance with USSD code, navigate to phone’s dialer, then dial *945*0# and follow the next screen prompt.

NOTE: You must use the SIM or the phone number you registered with Wema Bank that is linked to your bank account for a successful transaction.

Summary Of The Wema Bank  Short Codes

Buy Airtime

*945*phone Number*amount#



Send Money


Balance Enquiry


Change PIN


Get  your Account Number


Open Account


Change account number


Account Reactivation


Send Money to phone/email


Receive/ redeem money




Remita Payment


Card Control

*945*11*last four digits of card pan number#



Receive Western Union


Generate OTP


DSTV Subscription


GoTV Subscription


Startimes Payments




Smile Subscription Payments


Swift4GBroadband subscription


Merchant Payment



*945*23*LCC account number*AMOUNT#

How to Register And Set Up Wema Bank Mobile App

Wema bank Mobile banking is now made easy for people to transact on the app. You can do money transfer, check accounts balance, buy airtime and eventually pay bills on the mobile app. All these transactions can be carried out on the app with no stress of going to the Bank or any quick money agent.

The app allows you 24/7 access into your account via the screen of an internet-enabled device or computer from the comfort of your home rather than you going to the bank to make even the simplest of transactions.

Operation That Can Performed Using Wema-bank app

  • Airtime top-up (buying of recharge cards)
  • Pay for subscriptions like GoTV, Startimes and DSTV subscriptions
  • Remita payment
  • Send money to someone’s phone
  • Check your balance
  • Get your account number (in case you forgot).

How To Register Wema-bank Mobile App.

It is very simple to register to enjoy all these amazing services the Wema mobile app has to render.

First you need to download the Wema Mobile Banking Suite on your internet-enabled device or computer.

To Download the app:

  • Visit wemabank.com to get started
  • Click on e-banking and click on wemamobile
  • You are expected to click on Wema Mobile Banking Suite
  • A page opens which shows the requirements for downloading
  • If you are an Andriod device user, you are required to click to download the android app, while iOS, blackberry and windows device users are expected to download the app for their respective devices.
  • Once you are done downloading the app, you are required to install it on your device.

Registration And Activation

After installation of the app on your device you are expected to register and activate it before you can make use of the app.

To do this all you simply need is your bank account number and the Wema Mobile Banking Suite which you have already installed on your device.

Now once you are ready, you are expected to;

  • Launch the app
  • Update the mobile app
  • After updating go the app menu and click on the “SMS Banking” feature
  • Next generate your transaction pin.

Here is how to generate your transaction PIN:

  • Launch and update the Wema Mobile Banking Suite app
  • Next, you are required to click the “SMS Banking feature on the app menu
  • Hit the Pin Services feature
  • Select and click on generate PIN
  • Next input your bank account number, new PIN and confirm PIN

Once this is done then you have successfully registered and activated your Wema Mobile App.

Wema Bank Customer Care Number And Email Address

Wema Bank costomer care feature is known as ‘Purple Connect’ which allows their customers to connect with them. The Purple connect centers are fully-equipped 24-hour contact hubs that is always available.

Customer Care Number and Email Address

  • Phone: 08039003700, 01 277 7700-9, +234 1 4613146-7, 07000PURPLE (07000757753)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • SMS: +2347051112111

Wema Bank Head Office Address:

WEMA Bank Plc.,
54 Marina
PMB 12862,
Lagos, Nigeria
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +234 1 2778600, +234 1 2711697

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