How to Share and Unshare Data On Glo

This post contains everything about how to share data on glo and how to unshare data on glo and how to view glo data shared numbers.

Glo are the most substaing network when you talk of data, they have cheap data which is affordable for all to buy that is why they are called the name The Grand Master of Data.

Sharing of Glo Data plan with family and friends can be nice until someone takes your phone and adds him or herself without your notoice. We have to admit that checking our data balance later can make you start thinking if those sharing your data with you are drinking it.

how to unshare glo data

Now, we will discus how to share your glo data plan by dialing *777# and following the prompt commands. But there isn’t any option to check your shared list other than just sharing and unshare. Now, I’ll disclose a simple USSD code to view the numbers you are currently sharing your data plan with you.

How to View your Sharing List

If you want to see the list of glo numbers that you are sharing your data with,

Simply dial *127*00# from your Glo number and the list would be displayed to you.

That's all you need to know on how to see the numbers you share your data with on Glo. So if you want to remove any of the numbers from sharing your glo data continue reading and you will see how to do so.

We will be discussing with you below, how you can share Glo data with your friends and loved ones, in a simple trick. Below are all instructions needed on how you can share Glo data with friends

How to Share Glo Data

how to share data on glo

Data sharing on glo is very easy. Here is a Step-by-Step process on how you can share data on glo with others, with this process Glo users can easily share their data plan with friend and others, but to share data on glo, you will need to know the phone number of the recipient you want to share your data with.
  • By Using USSD
  • By Using SMS
First Way, Using USSD Format:

If you want to use USSD format to transfer data from one Glo user to another Glo user, Just dial *127*01*Phone No of the recipient#

For example if you are transferring data to a number - 08058764567

Simply dial: *127*01*09061958534 #

Second Way, Using SMS:
By using SMS method to transfer data from one Glo user to another, simply Send Share space Recipient Number to 127.

For example Send Share 09061958534  to 127

How To Check The Number Of Users Using Your Glo Data

How to view glo data shared numbers? Yes, you can check the number of users currently using your data plan; by simply dialing *127*00#; Alternatively, you can send a text message, “List” to 127.

How to Unshare Data on Glo

Do you want to how to unshare glo data with friends on Glo or how to stop sharing data on glo, here we will be showing you the steps and code to unshare data on glo. Before sharing data with friends and loved ones you need to have a huge amount of data. And it is important to know how to unshare data when sharing data so that if they use it wrongly you can easily unshare them so that it can serve you for a long period of time.

Unsharing data on Glo can be easily done with a simple system of dialing there magic code *777# and it will display instructions on your screen then press 1then you will been shown another instruction on your screen then you press 3 this time after pressing 3 it will now show two options 1 to share and 2 to unshare after selecting 2 you add the person's phone number there then send it.

It will immediately notify the person that you have unshare him from your data.

Example after noticing the overuse of your data kindly pick your phone and dial the code to unshare data on glo *777# then press 1 and on the new instructions on your screen press 3 there shall be a new pop up on instruction now press 2
Then you will be asked to add the person's phone number. That is all.

Alternatively, you can send a text message to do this by Sending Remove space Phone No to 127

How to Check Your Balance

Also, here is how to check shared data on glo, by dialing  *127*0# or Sending "info" to 127 as an SMS.

Glo SME Data Business

You must have been wondering how those Selling data manage to start or how they managed to have such amounts of data that they are selling, here we will give you a big insight of everything you need to know about the Glo Share business.

The glo SME Data Business is one of the most done business by youth nowadays because of the used of internet in our the so far.. MTN, Glo and Etisalat SME Data Share business is a lucrative one considering the millions of Naira Nigerians spend on buying data plans on a daily basis.

The core objective in this post is to show you how to make money selling GLO data plans through a process called DATA SHARE.

How To Add Data Beneficiaries To Your Glo Line

Dial *127*01*[friend’s number]#
SMS “Share [friend’s number]” to 127
For example: Share 08055555555 to 127

How To Remove Data Beneficiaries To Your GLO Line

To remove a beneficiary to the your data share you added previously
Dial *127*02*[friend’s number]#
SMS “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127

How To Show Data Beneficiaries To Your Glo Line

Dial *127*00#
SMS “List” to 127

How To Share Glo Data Plan

Dial *127*[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]#
SMS “Gift [friend’s number]” to 127
Example: Gift 08055555555 to 127

You can decide to purchase any amount of Data gigabytes and set your own price when selling out but remember you need to make your pricing competitive to attract more customers.


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