Instagram Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Instagram is the best social media network where you can share images and short videos with friends, family and followers. Recently, the owner of Facebook, Mark just officially announce that the company has analyzed that over 500 Million people are using Instagram each month. That's really a good news for all of us. Well Instagram is not just a social media app. Most of the people use it to edit their photos and you might be one of them.

As we all can tell from observations, Instagram has been the social media network where we can share images and short videos. Instagram is unlike Facebook where friends can be made, Instagram is by following you can follow some one and you will be receiving new updates from that person and also your followers will always get latest updates from you.

How to Follow all Facebook Friends on Instagram at Once

Instagram is all about Pictures and Videos, it provides easy and convenient way to share your photos and videos with other people. Almost every person who use Facebook is on Instagram today. Unlike Facebook, where people have to add friends, Instagram allow users to follow each other.

On Instagram, if someone starts following you, only he/she will be able to get your updates in his/her news feed. If you would also like to connect with the person, then you have to follow him/her back manually.

It would be a very difficult task to find and follow your Facebook friends one after the other on Instagram especially when your friend list is very large (say above 1k). But, Instagram has introduced a feature that can help you to find your Facebook friends quickly and lets you follow them all at once. I will show you how to do this below.

How to follow all Facebook friends on Instagram at once

First you have to link together your Instagram account with Facebook by allowing its app permission. Then Instagram will fetch your friends list data and show you the list of people to follow.

  1. Open Instagram app and go to your profile (by tapping the user avatar at the bottom of the screen).
  2. Now click the menu button (three dots at the top-right corner).
  3. Under Follow People section, click Facebook Friends option.
  4. Now sign in to your Facebook account and allow an app permission when prompted. [This is an additional step if you haven't connected your Insta account with FB].
  5. After this, Instagram will fetch your friends list data. Just tap Follow button next to each friend you want to connect. 
  6. Alternatively, tap the Follow all button to follow all your friends on Instagram at once.
Instagram is more fun when you connect with other people. Following your Facebook friends is one of the easiest way to increase your followers because they will also follow you back. So have fun on this amazing photo-sharing platform.

How to Save Instagram Videos Offline

Do you have a friend who always sends you interesting videos that you watch and catch fun, and you want to be watching them all over and over again? you can download download Instagram videos on your Android phone. Here's a different method you can try

How Download Instagram Videos in Android

This our method allows you to save Instagram video offline in your phone so you can watch it another time like. Unlike YouTube offline videos, Instagram videos aren't encrypted and they can be played with any media player app like MX Player.

You can access these videos from Instagram app folder which is located in the root directory of Android. First, you need to install ES File Explorer app in your phone. Then after follow this step-by-step guide -
  1. Open Instagram and play the video you want to download till the end.
  2. Now open ES File Explorer app and go to "Internal Storage > Android > data > > cache > video" directory.

  3. Here you will find a number of files which are saved as a cache in your phone. Actually, they are the cached videos you have watched. To play any video, simply open it as a video file with ES Media Player tool.

  4. You might have noticed that these videos have different file format (.clean). If you want to change the format, simply rename the file and add ".mp4" at the end.

    Once the format is changed, move the file outside of Android folder and it will start appearing in Gallery and other media player apps. This method can also be used to save videos from Instagram story. Isn't that interesting?

How to Edit Images on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media app,when you talk of sharing pictures and videos. It has not been known to all that Instagram has it own amazing features that let you edit pictures online. Sincerely speaking, though editing pictures on Instagram is not as advanced as doing it on an android app but it still gives a perfect design.

here is a feature called filter. The filter is what makes designing on Instagram unique and perfect. You can also make some adjustments on editing pictures,by adjusting the settings such as contrast, saturation, brightness etc., Even the picture in which you look ugly can make you feel so good that you can proudly share it with your friends on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Editing a photo in Instagram is pretty much easy. However, to craft a great art work, here are the tips and the basics of how-to edit a photo.As am going to discuss about Instagram as a photo editor and how you can use to edit your photos the right way.

How to Use Instagram Photo Editor

Here are few ways that you can use in editing pictures on Instagram -
  • Crop photo - You can crop a particular part of a photo and can change its resolutions.
  • Take photo - Apart from picking images from Gallery, you can also take a live-photo directly from Instagram. There is no need to use phone's default camera app.
  • Apply filters - There are more than 40+ awesome filters you can apply on your photos. For example, you can add a B&W effect. These filters are one of the reason why people love Instagram.
  • Adjust brightness - If your photo was takes in a dark room, you can increase the brightness. This will also increase the glow on your body and face.
  • Adjust orientation - You can also rotate a photo. Furthermore, you can give a 3D effect by changing its orientation from different angles.
  • Other editing options - You can also adjust the contrast, saturation, sharpness, shadows and many other editing options.

Steps to edit a photo in Instagram

Well there is nothing new you need to know about the Instagram photo editor. Just remember that, you have to make a very simple, unique and awesome edit. Here's a step-by-step guide -
  1. First of all, open the Instagram app.
  2. Now click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. From Gallery tab, find and select the photo you want to edit. If you want to take a new picture, move to the Photo tab.
  4. In the preview window, you can also crop the photo by zooming it with your thumb and fore-fingers (optional). After this, click the forward icon to continue.

  5. Here you have to apply the filter. There are more than 40 choices available. Also, the filter names are too weird and irrelevant. It's good to check all of them first. To adjust their effect, just double-click the filter and then move the slider. If you want to compare the normal and edited changes, long-tap the photo in preview window.
  6. To adjust the lightning, click the brightness icon and then move the slider right or left.
  7. To change more editing options, click the settings icon. Now from here, you can adjust the orientation, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, shadows, structure, warmth, color, fade, highlight and many other things.

  8. Finally click the forward icon, write a caption and post it on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. You can also save it in your phone's memory.

Note that, there is no need to edit everything. Just cropping, applying the filter and changing brightness would be enough.

What you can't do in Instagram editor?

As mentioned earlier, Instagram isn't an advanced or pro editor app. You can't edit everything in it. Here are few basic things which you can't do -
  • You can't create collage.
  • You can't write text or draw in a photo.
  • You can't add frame or borders.
  • No advanced editing tools available such as stickers, blur, sketch etc.,
I am expecting these features in new updates. Hope that they will be added soon. So this is how you can edit your photos in Instagram. If you've any questions, don't forget to ask me in the comments. So how was the Instagram photo editor for you? Is it good?

How to Activate Instagram Private Account

In order to protect user's privacy, Instagram has added few security measures. Almost everything related to you is now in your control. You can choose the audience you want to target. There is an option in settings which lets you make your profile private so that limited people, those who you approve manually, can only see your posts. Here's all what you need to know about this feature.

Steps to make your Instagram account private

If you don't want anonymous people to see your photos, videos and comments, then you can make your Instagram account private. Here's a step-by-step guide -
  1. First of all, launch the Instagram app.
  2. Now go to your profile and then click menu button (three dots).

  3. Next, switch on the "Private Account" button available under Account section and that's it.

    Enable private account button
You may be thinking that what actually happens when you make your Instagram account private. Here's a glimpse -
  • No outsider will be able to see your activities, posts and followers. They will only see a lock icon on your profile.
  • As like in case of Facebook friend request, when someone will follow you on Instagram, you've to approve or ignore his request from Activity section.
  • Your existing followers won't be affected in any way. However, if you don't want any person to see your posts, you can block him directly.
  • Private posts which you will share on Instagram, may be visible to the public on other social sites like Facebook or Twitter, depending upon their individual privacy settings.

Why you should not make your account private?

Although making your Instagram account private is a great way to add a privacy layer to your photos and account information but I don't recommend you to do so especially, if you are in a professional and business field. These are some of the major drawbacks which I am talking about -
  • Profile will not be visible to search engines - If you will make your Instagram account private, it won't be visible in search result pages (SERP) of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. And even if it appears, you will lose major ranking.
  • Gives unprofessional touch to profile - There is no doubt in fact that the first impression is the last impression. Tell us how it feels when you visit someone's profile and found that it's private? In order to give a professional touch to your profile, you should make everything public.
  • Missing a great potential - Obviously, when your account is private, no one will be able to like and comment on your photos and thus you are missing a great potential to reach a new level of audience. Furthermore, there will be no benefit of using hashtags.
  • Less secure - People can still view your photos from other sources like from your friend's phone or by using other third-party websites or apps, even when they are set to private.
Now I just hope that you have complete knowledge about the topic. It's all up to you whether you want to make your Instagram account private or not.

How to Disable Third-party Options on Instagram

On Instagram there is an option called a third party option. This option allows your account to be updated, by updating your pictures and videos even when you are not active. When you have activated this third party option you have to allow your device to be accessed by the app so it will be updated automatically.

they are so many different applications that are made to be performing this action, but they are so many of them that are not working and some are auto liker and auto followers on Instagram. While using the third party option, there are some benefits like gaining so many followers and likes but they disadvantages is just that you will be also following unknown people. .

in this third party apps, some will take control of the account and will be using the account for illegal purposes such as spamming and others. For example, they will post promotional photos, message and follow unknown people, as mentioned above. Due to these spam activities, your account or its particular services may be blocked by Instagram.

Revoke access or remove an app in Instagram

If you have given permission to an app that you find spam later, you can revoke its access to your account any time. You should monitor and check all third-party applications you have authorized. Here's a complete guide -

Unfortunately, there is no option to manage applications in Instagram mobile app. These steps are for desktop version only. If you are using smartphone, you can request a desktop site of Instagram in Google Chrome. Now continue with these steps -
  1. First open Instagram website and login to your account by entering username and password.
  2. Now click profile icon at the top-right corner of screen

Once you have remove all untrusted applications, you will no longer see any spam activities in your account and thus you will not be banned in any way.

Few other security tips

Here are few other things you should consider -
  • Before authorizing any application, make sure that it's safe. Read all the permission you are giving to an app carefully.
  • If any third-party service is asking you for the username and password for login, please be cautious, as it can gain full access to your account.
  • If you think that a bad application is still connected to your account, immediately change your password.
So this is how you can revoke access or remove an applications for your Instagram account.

  • Next, tap the "Edit profile" option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now a new page will open where you will find a menu in left side. Click the "Authorized Applications" option.

  • Here find the app that you want to remove and then click "Revoke Access" button next to it. Under permission section, you can review all things that app can access and do with your account.

  • Once you have remove all untrusted applications, you will no longer see any spam activities in your account and thus you will not be banned in any way.

    Few other security tips

    Here are few other things you should consider -
    • Before authorizing any application, make sure that it's safe. Read all the permission you are giving to an app carefully.
    • If any third-party service is asking you for the username and password for login, please be cautious, as it can gain full access to your account.
    • If you think that a bad application is still connected to your account, immediately change your password.
    So this is how you can revoke access or remove an applications for your Instagram account.

    How to Save Instagram Picture without Uploading

    There are more than 40+ awesome filters you can apply on your photos. Even the picture in which you look ugly can make you feel proud of yourself after applying these filters. They give a finishing touch to photos. Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and other advanced editing option. In fact, Instagram is one of the best photo editor app.

    Earlier it was pretty much easy to edit and save photos on Instagram offline. You just have to turn off the data traffic (or use Airplane mode) and then edit the photo as usual. After that, tap the send button and it will automatically save the edited photo in your phone's internal memory or SD card.

    Now in latest Instagram update, you might have noticed that the old method doesn't work anymore. Right? Even If one door is closed, they are other ways available. Here I will guide you how to save your Instagram edited photos in your phone and that too without posting them on your account.

    Turn on "Save Original Photos" option

    In order to save your phone's internal memory, Instagram has stopped saving the edited photos by default. Same applies on videos also. However, if you still want to save them, you've to enable an option for it. Here's a step-by-step guide to edit and save photos on Instagram -
    1. First of all, turn on the mobile data and open Instagram app.
    2. Now go to your profile (or account) and click the menu button (three dots at the top-right corner of the screen)

    3. After this, switch on the "Save Original Photos" button under Settings section.

    4. Now open Instagram camera and select the photo from Gallery tab.
    5. Apply filters and adjust other editing settings. When you are all set to go, hit the forward button (->).
    6. Here write a caption (optional) and then tap the send button (tick mark ✔).

    7. Once it's published successfully, go to your Gallery and you'll find a new edited photo there. At this point, you can also delete the uploaded photo from your Instagram account, if you don't want it to be there.
    In case, if photos aren't saving to your Gallery, consider these things to troubleshoot the problem
    • Make sure that you've latest version of Instagram app installed in your phone. If not, then update it from Google Play Store.
    • Make sure that you've enabled "Save Original Photos" setting. Even if it's enabled, changes may take time to apply due to memory issues. For quick response, either restart your phone or more better, clear the app cache and try again.
    • Make sure that your phone has enough internal memory to save the photos. For Android users, you can check this from "Settings > Storage > Available".
    • Note that, filtered photos will be saved in your phone Gallery only when they are published on your account. Speaking frankly. you can't save them offline with this method. (Don't worry, move on to second method for this)

    Take Screenshots

    This is an evergreen method which works for all users. So what you need to do? You just have to take a screenshot at the time of editing the photo. Here's a step-by-step guide -

    Again open the Instagram app and edit the photo you want to save. After that, don't click the forward button and instead, take a screenshot of your phone's screen.

    Here's how to take screenshots in Android:

    Tap and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time. Alternatively, if you're using Android's Lollipop version, tap and hold the power button for few seconds and then click "Take screenshot" option.

    Note that, all screenshots will be saved in your phone's internal memory and you can also find them in Gallery app. As screenshots will capture everything in your phone's screen, so next you have to crop them to get the right edited photo.

    You can do that easily with your phone's built-in photo editor or you can use other third-party apps such as Pics Art and Pixlr Express, which are available on Google Play Store for free.

    This way, you can save other's photos on Instagram also, which isn't possible directly. There is no need to worry about picture quality (or resolutions). Screenshots have very good quality.

    Now what are you waiting for? Go and share your new edited photos with your friends. Upload them on Facebook and Twitter or change your WhatsApp DP every day with new awesome Instagram filters. Finally if you've any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments.

    How to Gain Many Instagram Followers

    It is a real fact that having up to thousands of followers is everyone aim but it is not really easy as it sounds. Now tell me what do you think that will make people to follow you. For the ordinary person it hard to get followers because you are not a celebrity. People that can get followers in such way are celebrities because they are popular and famous. So people only like to follow popular and famous people.

    Let me tell you the truth, There is no such thing which can give you thousands of followers overnight. In order to target quality users, you have to work hard a little. Everything takes time and efforts. Luckily, there are few things you can do to gain 3-4 digit followers on your professional or personal Instagram account. Let's discuss them briefly -

    1. Optimize your profile

    First you have to start by customizing your basic profile elements like username, bio, website and profile picture. Your username should be short, simple, unique and easy-to-remember. Don't add numbers and special characters in it. Username is more important than your name. People can use it to tag and find you on Instagram, so use it wisely.

    Next, you have to write an eye-catching and professional bio. When you visit someone's profile, bio is what tells about the person. Just write who you are and what you do. Give people a reason to follow you. Don't forget to add proper keywords in your bio. Remember that, first impression is the last impression.

    Then, add your blog or website link in the given section. Adding your custom domain name will give a professional touch. However, if you don't have any website, you can create your free personal page on Otherwise, link it to your Facebook or Twitter profile.

    Another important thing is your profile picture. Here you can upload your company logo or if its your personal account, use your own picture. Our aim is just to give a professional touch to your Instagram profile so that it can attract your potential followers.

    2. Make your account public

    There is an option in settings which lets you welcome you to our today tutorials. To all wazobiawappers it's a great news that you can now save pictures on Instagram. Do you have a friend who's pictures you would love to save on Instagram? Here is a solution to the issue of saving pictures from Instagram. We will discuss with you 4 different ways you can use in savings pictures on Instagram.
    As we all know, there is no option for saving pictures on Instagram. Or no other option for getting people pictures, this law was implemented to secure the copyright law by Instagram and to keep people's privacy safe. There are a couple of other methods by which you can download Instagram photos in your Android phone and this is what I am going to discuss here.
    Now edit a new photo in Instagram and post it. Once it's uploaded, go to your Gallery and there you">make your Instagram account private so that only approved followers will be able to see your photos and videos. It would be of no use to make your Instagram account private unless it's your personal account.

    People should know who they are following and for that, your account privacy should be public so that anyone can see what you have posted even when they're not following you.

    To change your account privacy, first go to your profile and click gear button (for iOS app) or three dots (for Android app). Now make sure that "Private Account" button is turned off. That's it.

    3. Connect with Facebook & Twitter

    You can also connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Instagram. This will sync all your contacts and then your friends, who aren't following you, will see your profile in suggested users list. It will also make it easy for you to follow your Facebook friends and you can share your posts on multiple social accounts at the same time.

    Connecting your Facebook and Twitter account is very simple. All you have to do is, allow the app permission to your Instagram account. First launch the Instagram app and go to your profile. Then, click gear button or three dots. Under settings section, tap the "Linked Accounts" option. Now click "Facebook" from the list and follow on-screen instructions to link both the accounts.

    4. Use follow-for-follow technique

    In this method, you will have follow other people and in return they will follow you back. As simple as it sounds. This is one of the fastest way to increase your Instagram followers. To find such people who will follow you back, search #followforfollow, #followme, #instafollow and other similar hashtags.

    You can also mention this in your profile bio. While posting a new photo or video, add these hashtags in its caption. You will start getting new followers within a short period of time. Make sure to follow them back instantly, otherwise they will unfollow you again.

    5. Start following other people

    The more people you will follow, the more followers you will get. First start by following all your Facebook friends. To make your task easier, Instagram has an option to follow all people at the same time. Go to your profile and click menu button (three dots). Next, click "Facebook friends" option under the follow people section and then tap "Follow all" button. This will work only if you have linked both the accounts.

    Next step is to target some unknown people like your friends of friends. Check your follower's activities and discover new people to follow. It may happen that some people will not follow you back. So unfollow them again and repeat this process for few days.

    6. Start liking & commenting on other's picture

    By liking and commenting on other's pictures and videos, you are increasing your profile visibility indirectly, which in turn will result into more followers. When you comment on someone's post, all of his friends will see it and if you have commented something interesting, they will follow you probably. Like every single post in your news feed. Explore new posts and comment as much as possible.

    7. Use hashtags

    Hashtags are miracle and you might not know their actual power. Basically, they are used for categorization purpose. When you add hashtag in a post, it will appear in results when people will search for that hashtag. This will boost up your post organic reach. Another benefit of using hash tags is that, they can increase your followers. We have already discussed about follow-for-follow technique.

    You can use any number of hashtags in a post but to make it spam free and more user-friendly, use 6-8 only. Note that, your hashtags should be relevant to the content and popular enough, only then they will give you some positive response.

    6. Use call to action

    Call to action is a note that works as a bait to engage people in your post. For example, if you'll share your personal opinions on a particular topic or write something interesting, then your friends will reply back to you in the comments. Adding a caption to your post is a great way to engage with your followers and also gain new ones. Write about the picture, ask questions and include call to actions in every single post.

    7. Post regularly

    Let me ask you one simple question. Will you follow someone who never post any photos? Most probably not. People needs fresh content and that's the primary reason why they are following you. It's very important to be active on your account. You should post photos regularly, at least one time in a day. Take selfies, edit them and share. It's a real fun.

    One thing which you need to understand is that, stick to your niche only. It would be pointless to post about movie reviews if your business is all about computer guide. Know what your audience wants from you and then create your own unique content based on it.

    8. Geo tag your pictures

    While posting a new photo, you should add the location where the picture was taken. Either you can use GPS to add your current location or you can search places manually. Goetagging will unlock a new way to reach more audience. Your photo will be visible to everyone when they searches for the place where you have tagged it.

    It will be more relevant to tag your photos in general locations like your country's capital or a popular coffee shop in nearby area. People searching for that place will find your post there and probably they will follow you as you both have something in common now. This way, you can also collect few likes on your photos.

    9. Connect with your website

    If you've a personal blog or website, you can connect it with your Instagram account. For example, you can add your profile link in contact page or about the author section. Make sure to add call to action message like "Follow me on Instagram". You can also use Instagram follow plugin but that may slow down the page-loading time. This method will perform well only if you've good online reputation and your website is getting huge traffic.

    10. Use third-party apps

    There are a number of third-party apps and websites available which can help you to gain hundreds of followers instantly. These services are both free and paid. They work in the same manner as Facebook auto liker works. Speaking frankly, I have never used such third-party services.

    Most of them will either ask you to complete the login process or you have to give an app permission to your Instagram account. There is a risk of security and that's why I don't recommend you to use them.

    By following this guide, you can easily gain 1k+ genuine followers on your personal and professional Instagram account. This may take some time but in the end, hard work will pay off.

    How to Add an Old Image and video to an Instagram Story

    Instagram is really the king of all pictures and videos sharing social media apps. With his new amazing features that allows you to post old photos and videos. Instead of posting carefully chosen photos, stories lets you share all your moments of the day that will play as a slideshow and automatically disappears after 24 hours. These photos and videos won't appear on your profile.

    When you upload photos to your Instagram stories, you can only add recent pictures that are created in the last 24 hours. Anything older than this time period won't appear in your stories gallery.

    So now the question is, how you can add photos to your Instagram stories that are older than 24 hours. Luckily, there are a few ways by which you can create a new copy of your old photo and then upload it to your Instagram stories. Read on to find out how to do this.

    1. Take screenshot of the photo

    This is one of the easiest and simple way to add old photos to your Instagram stories. All you have to do is, just take the screenshot of the photo from your phone Gallery. Here's how to take screenshot in Android -

    Tap and hold the power and volume down button simultaneously. Alternatively, if you're using Android's Lollipop version, tap and hold the power button for few seconds and then click "Take screenshot" option.

    Once screenshot is captured, it will be saved to your Camera Roll and since it is brand new and created within 24 hours, so you can easily upload it to your Instagram stories. You can also remove excess black background from the picture by cropping it with any photo-editor app.

    2. Create a duplicate copy of the photo/video

    You can create a duplicate copy of the original photo and then upload it to your Instagram story. This can be possible by editing the photo with any photo-editor app (e.g., PicsArt). As the edited picture is new, you can easily add it to your Instagram story.

    Another way to create a duplicate file is to copy and paste the original photo/video to a different folder. You can use any file manager app to do this. It will update the modified date of the file and thus your photo/video will again start appearing in the stories Gallery.

    There are a few other methods by which you can update photo's properties and change its modified date. Once date is changed, you can easily add that picture to your Instagram story.

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