How to Buy Airtel Data Bundle

Airtel Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s telecommunications giant with a very large user base and broad network connection. They one the best telecommunications company in Nigeria with the largest number of mobile internet users/subscribers in Nigeria.

Airtel Data Plan
Here today we are going to educate you in so many ways you need to know about airtel and its data bundle. Airtel has the most cheap data compared to others, in the aspects of social media they are the best.

Below we will be discussing all airtel data plan bundle prices, airtel data plan code, how to check airtel data plan and how to check airtel data bundle balance. All this airtel data bundle is also known as airtel 4g data plans.

How to Buy Data on Airtel

Airtel Daily Data plan and their subscription codes

  1. Airtel data plan code for 1000 naira for 1 days: To subscribe to Airtel 1 day data plan for 100 and for 50mb simply dial *410#
  2. How to buy Airtel data for 3days To activate airtel 3days for 200mb on the little amount of 200simply dial *412#
  3. Airtel data plan for 5 days: To buy Airtel 5 days subscription for 100that will be receiving 5mb daily that will be added together as 25mbsimply dial *401# code for airtel data.

Airtel weekly data plan and subscription Codes

  1. Airtel data plan for 1 week: To subscribe to Airtel weekly data plan bundle,that gives 350mb for 300 you can kindly dial *417# this subscription is valid for 7days

  2. Airtel data plan for 2 weeks: To subscribe to this airtel two weeks data plan bundle that cost 500 for 750mb simply dial *418#
  3. How to recharge airtel data for 25 days: To subscribe to Airtel 25 days weekly subscription of 250mbthat cost 300 simply dial *555*1#

Airtel Monthly data plan and their subscription codes 

 The monthly data bundle for airtel is the best airtel data bundle plan.
All the below plans are for one month these are the airtel data bundle code:
  • Dial *496# to get 1.5GB for 30 days at N1000
  • Dial *437# to get 3.5GB for 30 days at N2000
  • Dial *437*1# to get 5GB for 30 days at N2,500
  • Dial *438# to get 7GB for 30 days at N3,500
  • Dial *452# to get 12GB for 30 days at N5,000
  • Dial *460# to get 24GB for 30 days at N8,000
  1. Data Balance And Subscription Code For Any Airtel Normal Data Plan

  2. Airtel has several categories, including the daily, weekly and monthly bundles. The subscription codes are as follows:
    • Daily –
    Dial *410#.You would be given 30MB for the day. This costs just N100.
    • 3 Days –
    dial *412#.You would be given 500mb,the bundle of valid for 3 days and it cost N200
    • 25MB, 5MB/day, 5 days bundle
    – dial *412#. to get 5MB daily for the next 5 days to make it 25MB in total. It costs N100.
    • 7 days Weekly –
    dial “412# to get 750MB for 2 weeks. It costs N500.< br />
    To check your Airtel data balance on any of these plans simply dial *123*10# or *141*7# airtel balance code.
  3. Check Data Balance For Airtel Android Bundles

  4. Below is the list of all airtel data plans for Android devices. Airtel Android data plan used to be different but dew to the popularity of Android devices, it was been changed to the normal data plan for Android

    All the plans are for one month these are the subscription codes:

    • Dial *496# to get 1.5GB for 30 days at N1000
    • Dial *437# to get 3.5GB for 30 days at N2000
    • Dial *437*1# to get 5GB for 30 days at N2,500
    • Dial *438# to get 7GB for 30 days at N3,500
    • Dial *452# to get 12GB for 30 days at N5,000
    • Dial *460# to get 24GB for 30 days at N8,000
    To check your Airtel data balance for your Android plans, simply dial *223#
    . But if you want to get the data balance plus expiry date, dial *140#. You would receive an SMS with the information you need.
  5. Airtel Blackberry Plans - Check Data Balance And Subscription Codes

  6. Airtel has so many Data Plan for blackberry devices, this bundle is available for all blackberry devices.
    Note: that BB10 devices are different from the normal, classic Blackberry devices. However, no matter which Blackberry plan you subscribe to, there are two ways to check your airtel data balance:

  1. Blackberry Complete/absolute – *123*175#
  2. Blackberry normal data plan – *123*9#

Airtel social media Plan Data Balance

The airtel subscription social media bundle was introduced to give Airtel subscribers unlimited access to social media sites like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can subscribe to the weekly or monthly bundle.
To check your Airtel social media data balance simply dial *990*0#
Airtel WhatsApp Plan - Subscription Code And Checking Data Balance
This plan is just for WhatsApp alone. If you want to subscribe to it, just dial *948#.

It would give you access to WhatsApp for 1 months at N100.
To check data balance on this plan, simply dial *885*0#
Airtel Operamini Social Plan Data Balance

With the Airtel Opera Mini social bundle, you get to browse Whatsapp, Facebook and Operamini for 1 month, with 1GB at N300.
To check your Airtel data balance for the Opera mini social bundle, simply dial *141*7#
Those are the codes for checking different data packages on the Airtel network. However, the code *140# should be sufficient to check any Airtel data balance.

If that does not work for one reason or the other, then you can try the individual USSD codes to check your Airtel data balance.

  • Dial *990# to get the monthly bundle at N200
  • Dial *991# to subscribe to the weekly bundle at N200
  • To Subscribe, dial *688*1#
  • How To Subscribe Airtel Weekend Data Plan

    airtel data plan
     The Airtel weekend plan has always been one of the most affordable weekend plans out there. With the Airtel weekend plan, You can get as much as 1GB(1000MB) for just N100.

    Am actually wondering why a lot of people are no more using the plan. For those who think the Airtel weekend plan has been discontinued, I just want to want to use this medium to tell you that the Airtel weekend plan is still blazing as ever before.

    The price and data cap of the plan still remains the same. So if you have a good Airtel network reception in your location and you need a pretty affordable data plan, then you can try out the Airtel weekend plan.

    The only problem with the Airtel weekend plan is that it's sim selective, which means that it only works on some selected sims. To know if you are eligible or not, just follow the procedure below.


    • First, make sure you have less than N100 on your Airtel sim.
    • Now, dial *474*1#.
    • You should receive a message like the one below,
    "You have insufficient balance to subscribe for this plan"

    If you receive a message similar to the one above then you sim is eligible and you can go ahead and subscribe.

    How to Check The Airtel Weekend Plan Balance 

    To check the weekend plans balance, just dial *140#.

    How to Share Data on Airtel

    This sction contains how to share airtel data bundle. Airtel has launched their Data Sharing Service! You can now share data with your family, friends and loved ones that are registered on the Airtel Network with airtel family and friends code. However, you can only share 10Mb, 25Mb or 60Mb. If you want to share higher, you would have to do it multiple times.

    1. Send “Share” to 121 with the Airtel number that has the MB
    2. You will receive an SMS saying “You have successfully activated Airtel Data sharing. Now you can share your Airtel data with your family”.
    3. Register the numbers you want to share with. The numbers can be up to 5
    4. Confirm the numbers when prompted
    Note: You can only share 3G/4G with this service.

    How to Transfer your Airtel Data Using USSD Codes

    • The transfer code is *141*712* which varies depending on the amount of data to be shared.
    • For 10MB data, dial *141*712*11*Beneficiary Number#. Follow the instructions that pop up
    • For 25MB data, dial *141*712*9*Beneficiary Number#. Follow the instructions that appear
    • For 60MB data, dial *141*712*4*Beneficiary Number#. Follow the instructions on the screen
    • Note that #100 will be deducted for every transfer made
    • You can dial *141# and follow the voice prompt if you encounter any issue.

    How to Subscribe for Airtel Data Plan of 500 Naira

    Airtel has 3 different data bundle subscription packages for N500, depending on the one you want to subscribe. In this article we will explaining how to subscribe Airtel 500 naira data plan bundle of your choice.

    USSD Code To Subscribe Airtel 500 Naira Data Plan

    1. N500 for 1GBThis plan is only available on Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan and is valid for only 7 days. So if you want to enjoy this plan you’ll have to migrate to the smartTRYBE tariff plan, by dialing *312#. By doing this, you automatically qualify for the Airtel N500 for 1GB subscription.

      Now, if you want to subscribe for the Airtel 1GB for N500 plan once you’re on smartTRYBE tariff, simply dial *312# and you’ll see N500 for 1GB option on the USSD menu.
    2. N500 for 750MB: This data bundle plan is available on all Airtel’s Tariff plan and it is called the “Easy Data Bundle”. For the Easy Data Plan you do not need to migrate to any special tariff plan. The major difference between it and that of the smartTRYBE plan, is that it comes with a 14 days validity period, unlike the smartTRYBE plan that has just 7 days validity period. This means if you can’t finish the 750MB data allotted to you within 7 days, you can still use it within the next 7 days.

      If you want to subscribe for the Airtel Easy Data Plan of 750MB for N500, dial *418#. your data plan will be activated immediately.
    3. N500 Unlimited Data Plan: This data bundle is also available on all Airtel’s Tariff plans, but it is only available on the 2G network. This simply means you cannot use this plan on a 3G network or 4G LTE network on Airtel, strictly 2G (Edge [E]).

      It is one of the most attractive data subscriptions on Airtel for users who do not mind the internet speed.It has a validity period of 25 days, you enjoy unlimited data for the whole period, although with a limited but reasonable internet speed. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing  *482*2#.

    How to Cancel Data Plan auto-renewal on Airtel

    This section contains how to opt out of airtel data plan. As we all know that Data Plans auto-renewal feature allows you to automatically re-subscribe for a current data plan without having to resend the same USSD or SMS when you want to Subscribe for the same data plan again in future.

    All you have to do is to Recharge the Exact Subscription Amount and your data plan will be automatically Renewed. But the worst user Experience of this Auto-Renewal Feature, is when the subscriber doesn't remember that hid/her data Auto-Renewal is Enabled or have probably forgotten the code to stop or cancel the auto-renewal.
    Airtel also has a special USSD code for deactivating data plans auto-renewal. This general code to stop any unusual deducting of credit for auto-renewal will definitely help you.

    If you want to deactivate, Cancel or stop data auto-renewal on Airtel network, simply send STOP to 141 and any auto-renewal activated on your SIM, will end immediately.

    How to Cancel Airtel Whatsapp Data Plan Auto Renewal

    So many people have been facing issues trying to cancel the airtel whatsapp auto renewal service. If you are among the category of people facing this same issue, then this article is for you because in it is how you can cancel the airtel whatsapp auto renewal. So that your airtime that is been deducted will stop and you start enjoying your sim once again.

    To cancel or deactivate all airtel nigeria data plans + auto renew text STOP to 140

    How to Subscribe Airtel YouTube Flex Data Plan

    Airtel launched data plans for YouTube Users which is meant to work or access only YouTube application or the website and is called YouTube Flex. Just like Facebook data subscription and lots more.

    When it comes to browsing, Airtel is among the best networks in the country and they also have their night plans that enable it's users browse at a low and affordable cost.

    NOTE: This data plans can only be used on YouTube and maybe with the help of VPNs, you will be able to power all applications on your smartphone. However, the data plans are two; the 500MB and the 150MB.


    1. 500MB for 200naira which valid for 30days.
    2. 150MB For 100naira which valid for 7days.


    • First, launch your phone dial pad.
    • Recharge the required amount of airtime.
    • Now, dial *141*4# to view the two data plans; the 500MB for 200naira valid for a month and the 150MB for 100naira valid for a week. 
    • Enter 1 or 2 to activate any plan of your choice.
    • Enjoys

    How to Download with Airtel Opera Mini Data Plans

    Airtel Opera Mini Data Plans seems to be the cheapest but it has some limitations. the 300naira plan gives you 1GB, I hope you can see how cheap it is? So these Airtel Opera Mini Data plans can only be used on some social medias and Opera Mini browser. Meanwhile, they are not the real Opera plans but the functions makes me tag the plans as Opera Mini bundles.

    How To Activate Airtel Opera Minin Plans

    • It is very easy. Just go to your dialpad.
    • Then dial *688# and select any plan of your choice (N100, N200 and N300 plans).

    • After successful subscription, you can then make use of the data on Opera Mini and Facebook.

    How To Download With Airtel Opera Mini Data Plans

    I noticed and received complaints from some wazobiawapers that they need to use the data. So I decided to write this article to help them make use of the data for download only.
    • First, you have to download this version of Opera Mini
    • Then go to the file you wish to download and copy the SOURCE LINK.
    • Then visit in a new tab and scroll down to a box, now paste the copied link in the box and click on GO TO SITE.
    • Choose where the file will be saved
    • Click on Download
    • Your Download will Start Immediately

    That's how to use this data as it can't be used to power all the apps on your smartphone but can only be used through the help of proxy websites.

    How To Cancel All Social Media Plan On Airtel

    Did you know that most of our data is been consumed by Social networks? We all love spending most of our time on a social network like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Viber,  and 2go.

    This Airtel social bundle will save you a lot of data especially those that love watching videos on Facebook or love sending videos and receiving them on WhatsApp. Above all this is just perfect for WhatsApp voice and video call. What do you think?

    The subscription code.

    For social plus. This plan includes opera. This means you can browse with it using opera mini browser.
    For 100 Naira you get 50MB that will last for 7 days. The code is *885*2#.

    For monthly subscription on the social plus plan. 300 Naira for 250MB that will last for 25 days. The code is *885*1#.

    For WhatsApp monthly plan. 80MB for 200 Naira. The code is *990#.

    The latest plan am using is 300 Naira for 1GB. some people don’t know about this plan yet. Just today I called customer care to get the code for the plan and he told me that the plan is not available. Something I just subscribed now.

    The plan has been included on their social bundle. So follow this simple step to subscribe for it.
    Dial *141#, Now choose 3 for the social plan.
    Then choose 1 for an unlimited plan.
    And another 1 to proceed. That’s all.

    The Deactivation Codes

    Deactivation CodesSocial Plans
    *988*4*100#50 naira social plan
    *988*5*100# airtel 100 naira social plans
    *885*100#airtel 300 social plan
    *688*100#airtel whatsapp plan

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