How to Recover Deleted Notifications on Android

Have you mistakenly removed your Android notification and wish to recover it back? Yea! There is a way to recover it back immediately, it got swiped out. We all know Android has one wonderful and awesome feature which is the notification area that provides Android users with SMS alerts, messages alerts and alerts from Facebook, Twitter and many other apps from our smartphone. This notification feature is available on all Android Device running on any versions of operating system (OS) including Android 7.0 Nougat which is the latest OS (operating system).

Yea! notification feature is very good in some ways such as quick navigation to check what's happening on Apps. Sometimes, they are also annoying especially when you keep receiving frequent alerts from applications like Facebook, Twitter and others. This is very annoying even the notifications from some market firms with short codes are more annoying and frustrating and this can lead you to remove all notifications at once. Meanwhile, you can recover the important notifications you mistakenly wiped.

So today, you will learn how to recover the mistakenly wiped important notifications using this tutorial. When you wiped out your notifications, it usually store in your phone but only a geek will know the location.

How To Recover Removed Notifications On Android Devices

Firstly, you have to unlock your developer options. Just go to SETTINGS then tap on ABOUT PHONE and scroll down, then tap on BUILD NUMBER seven times and you would become a developer (go back to SETTINGS and you will see a developer added to your settings menu list). If you are a developer before, just follow me.

Now a developer

STEP 1: Just long-tap on empty space on your Android home screen and tap on WIDGETS.

STEP 2: Now, scroll down to SETTINGS SHORTCUT Widget and drag the widget to your home screen.

STEP 3: In the settings shortcut, scroll down and select NOTIFICATION LOGS.

STEP 4: You can now go back and tap on the SETTINGS SHORTCUT Widget and all your notifications history will appear to you.

You can now view your notifications history. The white notifications indicates active and the gray notifications means closed. So you can view the notifications you mistakenly removed by tapping on the gray notifications history.

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