How to Add Subtitle to Movies on Android

Downloading and watching movies on your Android smartphone has become easier than ever before! You just need the right apps — say, a good download manager and the right place to find movies. But, it has not been the same for movie subtitles. Finding the best place, downloading the subtitles and then moving those subtitles files to the folder. It’s a pain in the ass.

While there are many websites that will let you download subtitle files of movies, TV shows for free (like and etc). But if you often watch a lot of movies on your Android, it makes sense to use a dedicated Android app to download subtitles. Such apps will help you download the right subtitles for the movies in just one or two clicks. Sounds amazing, right? Well, get excited; because, we have created a list of the best Android apps to download subtitles.

Almost everyone loves watching movies or videos and sometimes you might want to understand everything about the video or just don't want to miss any part of the video especially in a noisy area or when it's a foreign movie.

Adding subtitle on your Android video player is very easy and simple. Infact, is an app way because you only need to install the subtitle into your movie or download the subtitle file separately and add it into your video player. Meanwhile, the video player may not be your phone default player, but most of the video player from Google playstore also has the ability to add subtitle to your movie.

In this tutorial, we will make use of MX player for Android to add subtitle to any movie. You can also use this method to add subtitle to any other video players. Let's go on!

How To Add Subtitle To A Movie On Your Android

  • Firstly, launch or open your MX Player App and locate or open your video. 
  • Then, tap on the MENU dotted lines at the left upper side and tap on SUBTITLE.
  • Tap on ONLINE SUBTITLE and finally, tap on SEARCH

  • You can switch on your data connection for it to search the subtitle for that video online and you should choose any best subtitle for your video.

It will be installed in the movie. So that's all.

How To Add Subtitle To Your Android Manually

  • You should go to any website to download, the subtitle file e.g, and, 
  • Search for the name of your video and download the subtitle file for that video which is always in .srt file extension.
  • Now, after successful download. Go to your MX PLAYER or any video player and tap on SUBTITLE then, tap on OPEN.

  • Locate the subtitle file you downloaded and select it to install on your video player.

Note: This methods requires different subtitle file for each video or movies. It has same similar method to other video player.

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