How to Enable Dark Mode on Whatsapp

Facebook is very excited to update WhatsApp with the most requested feature from their users everywhere which is the dark mode feature. Facebook updated this feature after announcing Facebook lite dark mode feature for Android and iOS users.

Dark mode for WhatsApp offers a fresh new look on a familiar experience. It’s designed to reduce eye strain in low light environments which can also help to prevent your smartphone from lighting up the room.

Features Of Whatsapp Dark Mode

Readability: It helps to minimize eye fatigue and use colors that are closer to the system defaults on iPhone and Android respectively.

Information Hierarchy: It help users easily focus their attention on each screen by using color and other design elements to make sure the most important information stands out.

So in this post we will be explaining how to enable whatsapp dark mode on android and iphone. Kindly follow the below steps and you will have it enabled on your whatsapp.

How To Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode On Android

  • First, Download or Update your Whatsapp
  • Open WhatsApp from the app drawer or home screen.
  • Tap the action overflow menu (three vertical dots in the top right corner).
  • Hit Settings.
  • Select Chats.
  • Choose Themes.
  • In the Choose Theme dialog box, select Dark.
  • You should see the interface switch to a dark theme just like the image below

How to get WhatsApp Dark Mode for iPhone

Have you been wondering where the ‌"Dark Mode" ‌setting is located in WhatsApp, there isn't one. WhatsApp for iPhone uses Apple APIs and responds automatically to the system setting.

So if you did not get iOS ‌"Dark Mode" enabled in the settings, you won't be able to use WhatsApp in ‌Dark Mode‌ either.

The dark theme isn't available for users running iOS versions below ‌iOS 13‌. You need an ‌‌iPhone‌‌ 6s or later to be able to use WhatsApp's ‌"Dark Mode‌". If you want to activate system-wide ‌Dark Mode‌ on your ‌iPhone‌, simply follow the steps below.

Once you receive the latest update, activating WhatsApp dark mode is just as simple as it is on Android:
  • Launch the Settings app on your ‌iPhone‌.
  • Tap Display and Brightness Settings option. 
  • In the Appearance section, tap the Circle under Dark to enable it.
  • If you want your device to switch between Light and Dark modes based on the time of day, tap the switch next to Automatic to the green ON position.

You can also control your ‌iPhone‌'s appearance settings from the Control Center, kindly follow the below steps to do so:
  • Open your iPhone Control Center, by swiping upwards from the bottom or Swipe downwards from top right corner of the Home screen.
  • Press and hold on the Brightness slider until it expands. 
  • Tap the ‌Dark Mode‌ button to turn it ON.

That's it! You should now have dark mode set up for the messaging service. Dark mode looks particularly good on WhatsApp because of the green accents that are present throughout the interface, and they bring a bit of visual flair to the app.

I've had dark mode enabled for over a week now, and it makes a huge difference in how you use the service. It's easier on the eyes, and if you have an Android 10 phone and set dark mode system-wide, there's better visual consistency.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on PC

You can Enable Facebook Dark mode on PC with the help of a browser extension, Dark Reader. All you have to do is to download and add this extension to your web browser. Dark Reader is a free browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox Browsers. It lets you apply a dark mode to any website.
Before installing dark reader extension in your browser, make sure that you are installing it from the right source. You can search for Dark Reader on Google and install it from the Chrome extension page or Mozilla extension page.

If your are using Chrome Browser or FireFox Browser, you can download and enable dark reader on your browser by following the below links.

I will be using Firefox Browser in this tutorial, so kindly follow the below steps and you will have dark mode enabled on your Facebook Web.
  • Visit Mozilla dark reader extension page
  • Click on +Add to Firefox.
  • You will be prompted to accept permissions.
  • Click On Add.

  • Now, a dark reader icon will be added at the top right corner of your browser.
  • Click on Icon and Switch it to ON.
  • Your Browser will be switched to dark mode.
  • You can use this icon to Enable or Disable the Dark mode on any of your desired websites.
  • Now visit on your PC,
  • Launch Whatsapp on your mobile phone.
  • Tap on the upper 3 dots
  • Select Whatsapp web.
  • Scan the QR code with your Phone and you will be logged in to whatsapp web.
  • Now Switch Dark Reader to ON.

Your Whatsapp Web will be successfully switched to dark mode just like the image below.

So that is all you need to know about how to enable dark mode on whatsapp web pc. This post will be updated regularly if there is any changes or update on how to enable dark mode on whatsapp web for PC.

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