How To Download And Install Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an application developed and managed by Facebook. It is available for Android, iPhone Users and many other Operating systems. Facebook Messenger is also known as Messenger.

Features Of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has a lot of interesting features listed as follows.

Enables you to chat with your friends on Facebook
Fast Video Call and Chat
Fast Audio Call and Chat
Fast Text Messaging and lots more.

So If you are looking for how to download and install facebook messenger on your smartphone. This post is all about how to do that. Kindly follow the below instructions and you will have Facebook Messenger running on your Smartphone.

How To Download Facebook Messenger On Android

If you are using Android operating system, you can download facebook messenger app from Google Playstore by visiting the following link

So if your smartphone doesn't support Google Playstore, search the web to download Messenger.

How To Download Facebook Messenger On iPhone

If you are using iOS that is iPhone Operating System, you can download facebook messenger from Apple Store by visiting the following link

The above links enables you to download the latest version of Facebook messenger app for both Android and iPhone operating systems. So you can also use this method to update your Facebook messenger application.

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