Instagram Age Checker Tool - How To Check Instagram Account Creation Date

The registration date of the Instagram account is very important for business purpose because it gives you additional information about the initialization of the content and the account holder.

As more and more people are joining Instagram, this social networking platform is implementing all strategies to protect the user’s interest and provide them with a safe and fair platform.

So if you need to check the age of someone’s Instagram account or want to know when Instagram was created, then this Instagram Age Checker is especially for you. It will help you find out how old is my account.

Do you intend to Check Instagram Account Age?

What is an Instagram Age Checker?

The Instagram Age Checker is a free web-based tool that allows you to check when Instagram account was created.

It allows you to check the age or registration date of the particular account without even having to collect their email address. 

The tool is completely safe. You could trace the age of as many account owners as you want. Using this approach, you can trace the account age of one user at a time.

As an Instagram user, you would need certain account information to implement strategies that will help your account grow and many other reasons.

This tool which we will be sharing to you will reveal the age of any Instagram account

We will also be sharing with you, details on how to go about the Instagram age verification process.

Features of Instagram Age checker tool

  1. It is totally free
  2. This age checker tool does not zap data as most analytical sites do.
  3. No need for download (Online Checker tool)
  4. Provides Fast, Reliable and Accurate result

How To Check Instagram Account Creation Date

1. Now, on your mobile or PC browser visit - Instagram Age Checker
2. While on the page, click on the link beside “Click here to access this tool” button.

3. Now, you will be redirected to another page which is an unsecure page. But you need not worry, just click on CONTINUE ANYWAY or if you are on Chrome click on the ADVANCE BUTTON and then click PROCEED to site link.

4. The 4th step to check your ig account age, type your preferred username without the '@' symbol also solve the Captcha and proceed to click the the “CHECK AGE” button.

5. After the page has loaded completely, you will be able to see the age of the specified Instagram account.

Keep in mind that the above tool is the first online ig age checker tool to estimate Instagram account age. You have to be patient with the tool it is still under construction so, If the tool does not load, try back another time.

Alternative Method To Check Age of Instagram Account

This step does not require any website tool, it is done directly from Instagram. Here's how it works:
  1. Open Instagram and locate the profile whose account age you want to check.
  2. Now, Tap on the 3 dots located right next to the username.
  3. Find About this Account option.
  4. Here you can find age of someone’s Instagram account.
This feature was introduced by Instagram to avoid impersonation, and to prevent users from duplicate accounts, by allowing people see the account setup details.


Remember that the creation of the account date is only available for those accounts with 10K and more followers.
I hope you have now learnt How To Check Instagram Account Creation Date With Instagram Age Checker Tool.

This is the most efficient way to check an Instagram age in cases where the account lacks posted media which can be used in checking the date of the first post.

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