How to Play Basketball On Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger basketball introduced. Hope all of you have heard and enjoyed the Game of Chess in the Facebook Messenger. But if you're quite bored playing Chess or not really good at the game, then you probably felt a bit excited about Facebook's recent inclusion of a little Basketball mini-game into Messenger.

play basketball on Facebook messenger basketball

Now you can play Basketball through Facebook Messenger, just by typing in the Basketball emoji and sending to one of your friends. This would enable a secret Basketball mini-game between you and your friend.

Here's How to Play Basketball on Facebook messenger:

Just locate the basketball emoji from your emoji list, send to one of your friends and click it to start the game.

Once sent, you would be taken to the Basketball court in a pure white background, where there is no sidebars of any friend suggestions or any promotional ads; only appears a basketball and a hoop, nothing else!

All you have to do:

» Just Swipe up and Toss the basketball into the hoop.

» A single swipe on your phone in the direction of the hoop to bask in the ball. Facebook also encourages your gameplay with various emojis after each basket.

» On successful basket, Game appreciates your gameplay by displaying various emojis like Thumbs Up, Hands Up, Claps and Smiles. On a miss, Game warns you by showing emojis like "Surprised", "Feared," and similar.

» Messenger will also display your scores in between, based on your successful baskets. Your goal is to challenge your friend to see who can get the most consecutive baskets.

Facebook Messenger Basketball Video Demonstration

You can watch the Video Demonstration of Facebook Hidden Basketball game below:

NOTE: To play this game, the Facebook users should have the LATEST VERSION of Messenger installed on their mobile phone.

How to Play Chess on Facebook Messenger

The addition of such mini-games into Facebook's messaging platform would be a loneliness breaker.

As this game had been unveiled after a couple of weeks of Chess, let's hope Facebook would integrate more games like caroms or snooker in its upcoming rollouts.

Facebook messenger it's a very nice place for talking with friends. But if we want to take the interacions to the next level, now we can play chess on it.

play chess on Facebook Messenger

Simply open up a conversation with a friend and type

@fbchess play to start a game.

It appears a board like shown in the picture with black and white pieces. The color for the players are randomly assigned but if you want to play with a specified color (black or white) then write:

@fbchess play white: you play with white pieces.

@fbchess play black: you play with black pieces.


Select a piece using the following:

P for pawn

K for king

Q for queen

B for bishop

N for knight

R for rook

For moving pieces facebook messenger uses the typical chess notation: that is first write the letter and then the number where to move the desired piece, prefacing every instruction with the command @fbchess

So, for moving the pawn to the position d4, write:

@fbchess Pd4 and press Enter

If more than one piece can go there, you’ll be asked which one to move.

Move the Knight to the position h3:

@fbchess Nh3.

Move the rook to the position a6:

@fbhess Ra6

Move the bishop to the position g2:

@fbchess Bg2

Note: the letter that denotes the piece must be written in capital letter.

If you type a movement so that none of the piece can be moved to that place, you got the following message:

None of your pieces can make that move.

By the way, if you want a larger view of the chess board, click on the chat menu settings icon and select “See Full Conversation.”

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