How to Borrow Data on Glo with Glo Borrow Data Code

Glo Nigeria ensure you never run out of data when you need it most, The telcommunication company have introduced Borrow Me Data into the market.

Looking for how to borrow Data? Now don't worry too much because today we will be discussing on how we can borrow data from GLO. This data issue has been a viral issue based on so many people did not know that they were way and made available to borrow data on Glo . 

Borrow Me Data is a service that allows eligible customers borrow data on credit when your data bundles are exhausted and have run out of airtime or in case of unsuccessful bundle activation due to low balance.

Borrow Me Data is available only to eligible customers. The eligibility criteria include: – Your SIM must be registered. – You must have been active on the network for at least 3 months. with the Glo yakata  you can enjoy awoof benefits  like voice and data bonus

Customers can subscribe to Borrow Me Data by dialling *321# and following the menu options. The service will then push real time Data credit to all eligible subscribers in line with the stated eligibility criterion

To qualify for the borrow me credit feature on Globacom your SIM must be up to four months old, your average monthly usage must be above ₦200, and you must be a prepaid customer.

How To Borrow Data on GLO

This is simply how you can borrow data from GLO
Dial the following digits to borrow Data
*665*3#and follow the next prompt on your screen.

Note you must stay on the Network for three months and at least use up to 500 Naira airtime, for you to be able to Borrow.

Price (N) Data Volume in Pack (MB) Data Volume for Borrow Me Data (MB) Validity (Days)
50.00 22 22 1
100.00 80 80 2
200.00 210 210 4
500.00 800 800 14
1000.00 1600 1600 30

How to repay borrowed airtime or data to Glo

All you need to do is recharge higher than the amount you borrowed. However, there are times when deduction may experience some slight delay. If that’s the case, just make sure you leave the minimum balance intact.

 It is advisable to pay back within 72 hours,which happens to be the grace period. If you do not payback within 72 hours of borrowing you’ll not be able to request for additional credit or data. Also,your SIM card’s reputation might get affected adversely, which may in return cause a reduction in your eligibility amount during subsequent transactions.

How to deactivate Glo borrow me credit or data:

Step 1: Dial *321# and select 1 (auto borrow)

Step 2: From the list of option you’re provided with select 2 (cancel auto borrow)  

Are there extra conditions and limitations attached to borrowed credit or data?

As a matter of fact, there are no limitations attached to borrowed credit or data. With your credit you can call any local & international network (standard tariff plan rates apply), browse the web, and purchase 3rd party and value added services.

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