How to Check 9mobile Subscription Data Balance

Telecom network provider Etisalat was rebranded to 9mobile. Increase in the number of networks today in Nigeria, and the fact that most customers carry multiple SIM cards, it’s quite easy to forget how to check 9mobile data balance or any network for that matter.

How to Check 9mobile Data Balance

Are you looking for how you can check 9mobile data balance which is also how to check etisalat data balance, do you want to help a friend to know how much data is left on his account or you subscribed to a 9mobile data plan on your phone and you don't know how to check your data balance

How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile

9mobile Data Code

Using 9mobile data balance code which is also known as etisalat data balance code.

This method of how to check 9mobile data balance is the fastest and simplest of all.This code to check 9mobile data balance is accessible from any phone, old or new, and it requires no internet connection.

  • Dial the 9mobile data balance code *228# to check your MB data balance easily.
You need to remember the simple code *228#

With the help of this 9mobile data balance code, you will send your request to the system and receive a reply instantly. It will come in the form of a message.

The message will contain information on all the available packages you have, regular or bonus, the remaining data and its expiration date.

How to Check 9mobile Data Balance via SMS

The SMS method of how to check 9mobile data balance is also reliable and easy to use. However, you might experience a delay in receiving the message.
  • Type and send ‘INFO‘ without quotes to 228.
In a while, you will receive a text message that will inform you about your 9mobile data balance, its expiration date, and additional actions you may want to take to earn bonus.

The final step to find out everything you want to know about your 9mobile data balance, subscription plan, and bonuses is to call customer support. You can use this method if all the above steps did not work.

The 9mobile customer care number to dial is 200. When connected, just follow the instructions you will hear.

These are the 3 best existing ways on how to check data on 9mobile. Each of them is simple to use and very effective. No matter which phone you have, how old or how modern it is, you can always choose the most convenient method.

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