How to Do Share and Sell on MTN

Airtime transfer (mtn share and sell) is an MTN service you can use to send credit from your MTN account to other MTN customers’ account. With mtn share and sell you can keep your family and friends topped up and connected.

mtn share and sell

MTN Share and Sell is always protected with a transaction pin. This pin is the key which airtime can be transferred. This pin must be created before you can be able to send airtime to anybody because it is the master key.

To make sure that nobody uses your phone to transfer credit without your permission, we have added a pin feature. Before you can transfer credit, you have to change the default pin which is 0000. You can change the default PIN by sending a text message with default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777.

How to Generate MTN Transfer Code

If you have never activated or used your sim for share and sell on mtn then you will need to continue reading this guide of how to activate mtn share and sell to be able to use it to transfer airtime.

Firstly, we need to rest the default pin which is 0000, you need to choose 4 random numbers that can easily be remembered by you alone. To change the mtn share and sell default PIN (0000) you simply need to send a text message with the default PIN, New PIN, New PIN to 777.

You can also change your PIN by dialing the mtn share and sell code *600*default PIN*New PIN* New PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press ok. For example, dial *600*0000*6633*6633# and then send/ok.

For example

Send an SMS in this format 0000 3366 3366 and send it to 777.

  • 0000, Is your default pin
  • 3366, The first 3366 is your desired pin, you don't have to use 3366 in your case, simply use any 4 numbers of your choice because I am using 3366 as an example.
  • 3366, Adding your desired pin for the second time is to confirm the pin and they must be the same, you can't try something like 0000 3366 3355 it will not work.

How to Change MTN Transfer PIN

  • You can change your PIN at any time by sending an SMS with default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777. For example, send an SMS with '0000 1234 1234' to 777.
  • You can also change your PIN by dialing *600*default PIN*New PIN* New PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press ok. For example, dial *600*0000*1234*1234# and then send/ok.
  • Immediately you change your PIN using any of the options above, you will receive an SMS informing you that your PIN was changed successfully.

How to Do Share and Sell on MTN

Go to your phone’s message > create a message and write using this format; (Transfer)space(Recipient’s phone no)space(Airtime amount)space(Transfer pin) and send to 777.

Example: if you want to send N500 to this mtn line 08123456789 with your new pin 2988 then your message should go like this; Transfer 08123456789 500 2988 then send to 777.

After sending you’ll receive a message telling you to confirm the transfer, just reply to the message with YES to 777. Once it’s confirmed N500 will be deducted from your airtime account and transferred to the recipient’s airtime account.

A service fee will be charged for any transfer you make.

  1. N1 – N100 transfer will cost you N3
  2. N101 – N500 transfer will cost you N5
  3. N501 – 5000 transfer will cost you N10


Dial this mtn share and sell code *600*Receiver’s Phone No*Amount*Pin# Then Ok or Send. This is the fastest way of MTN share and sell Transfer method.

Note: the disadvantage of this mtn share and sell method is that once you send it, it has gone. Even when the phone number is not correct. You are on your own.

How to Recover MTN Share and Sell PIN

We are all humans, you can easily forget your share and sell pin bet you can still do something about it, the worst part is that someone can reset pin without you knowing.

Whatever the case, we are going to reset the pin which involves 2 simple steps.

Call MTN at 180 and tell them that you have forgotten your mtn share and sell pin and wish to reset it and it will be done only after verifying that you are truly the owner of the sim by asking you some personal questions.

You can Reset the pin by following these steps.

Send Yes to 556 through a text message on your MTN sim and in a few minutes, you will receive a text message from MTN welcoming you to MTN share and sell platform.

You will receive something like this:
“welcome to share & sell, your default your new pin is 0000. MTN recommends you reset the pin”.
You can now follow the previous method I shared on how to change your pin or still try this new method by texting your new pin to this number 556.

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