How to Put My Music on MTN Music Plus

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mtn music plus

What is MTN Music Plus

MTN Music+ is an application service that allowssubscribers stream or download Music content on their data enabled handsets and devices. 

The service will provide Exclusives/Latest hits/Videos/Caller Tunez/ Yello Top 10 that customers may choose from, and will give them a new 'on-the-go' digital lifestyle experience. 

The music portal allows users to perform various operations, such as music streaming, caller tunez, mood music, videos, exclusives for download, sharing, and gifting.

How do I get the MTN Music plus app?

Customer can download the app by sending the keyword 'Music' to 5900 as SMS.
A URL will be received to download the application
The MTN Music+ app is downloaded successfully after clicking the URL and installing the app. The customer will have access to all the features thereon.

Do I need to register for the service?

Yes! You are required to register and be logged into the music portal to use the various music services.
When a customer attempts to download or send music as a gift on the music portal for the first time, thesystem asks the user to log in and displays the login page.

Enter your mobile number and click on Get Code.
Your verification code will be sent to you in an sms

This will be used to login after accepting the terms and conditions for the service.
A customer can also login with their Facebook Account.

How much does it cost for the MTN Music+ App?

To download the app is free but data charges apply.
There are different affordable Music Plans within the app for customers to choose from.

What benefits will I enjoy when using the MTN Music+ service?

Customer can stream, purchase, download, and share their favourite music and send the music as gifts to their friends and loved ones.

When a customer purchases any of the Music Plans, they become a Music+ Club member and are eligible for pricing discounts within the app. Also they are able to be part of any other preferences provided by the Music portal.

Who can use the MTN Music+ service?

The MTN Music+ is available to all MTN customers on Prepaid, E-Postpaid and Postpaid Plans.

What devices can access the application?

The Music+ service is available on IOS, Blackberry, Android and Nokia devices.
For Blackberry 10 series devices, it is available on the latest OS version.

Do I get notified after my Music Plan bundle has expired ? If yes how can I stop it?

Yes you get notified and can send STOP in SMS to 5900 if you do not want to continue.

How do I check my balance?

You can check your balance by dialling *559*2*#.
Q. How can I do have access to my music downloaded on the application?
Music downloaded is available within the application under My Music.

What are the available Music Plans and why must I subscribe to them?

When a customer subscribes to a Music plan, they become a Music+ Club member and can enjoy the pricing discounts available for subscribers only.

The Music Plan is streaming music and not downloading of Full track or Caller Tunez.
See the Music Plan as displayed within the App below:

How do I check for Music downloaded?

You can check for your Music download in "My Music" under download music.
You can also set the Music downloaded as your Caller Tunez.

Do I get charged for downloading/gifing of Full Track Music even when subscribed to a Music Plan?

Yes! You get charged for downloading full track music of your choice out of your main account. But this will be at a discount if you are subscribed to any off the Music plans.

Can I listen to any of the available tracks without having subscribed to a Music Plan?

Yes, you can listen to any music of your choice for only 30seconds within the app without having an existing0 subscription to a Music Plan.

Can I set re-activate my Music Plan before expiration or chan ge to another plan?

Yes, you can re-activate your Music Plan before expiry and change to another plan by unsubscribing first within the app and selection.

How to Put my Music on MTN Music Plus 

If you are looking for how to put my music on MTN music plus, All you have to do is to contact mtn customer care service on 180 for the procedures to do so.

How to Unsubscribe from MTN Music Plus

 If you are looking for how to unsubscribe from mtn music plus, all you have to do is to send a text message in this format STOP M to 5900. your mtn music plus plan will be deactivated.

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