How to Stop MTN Caller Tunes Subscription

MTN Caller Tune is the sound callers hear while they're waiting for you to answer the mobile phone.  It's by default a buzz buzz sound but mobile networks usually replace that with a promotional music advertising their services. 

Sometimes, the networks sign you up themselves, as part of a network package. MTN nigeria caller tunes like every other network in Nigeria also provide caller tune services, with MTN callertunez you can choose to personalize your ring back tones (RBT) and entertain your callers while they wait for you to pick the call.

mtn caller tunes

It always annoying when you money was been deducted for a service you never asked for. Many people enjoyed mtn caller tunes while others is uncomfortable using Mtn caller tune and want to Deactivate, Disable Or Cancel MTN Caller Tune so that mtn will not be charging them monthly for what they don't deem necessary.

Most times, all we see in the adverts are the codes to Opt in, we don’t see the code to Opt Out, Below are the instruction on how to Opt Out of Ring Back Tunes or stop that annoying service that you are been rendered on your network.

How to Activate MTN Caller Tunes

Subscribing to MTN Callertunez attracts a daily, weekly or monthly charge of N10, N50 or N100 respectively and is usually automatically renewed upon expiry unless deactivated.

You can register for MTN callertunez by texting REG to 4100; you can check the available caller tunes and subscribe to your favorite by following the steps below

How to Change MTN Caller Tune

  • You can subscribe to a particular caller tune by sending the caller tune ID to 4100. For example 030200 to 4100, this command will change your caller tune to Godwin by Marvin for N50 per month.
  • You can also follow the voice command on IVR and browse through MTN top 10 list of latest release or music box before buying.
    • Listening to tunes on the IVR will attract a charge of N15 per minute.
  • You can also visit the MTN caller service store via the MTN website and access the same features available via the IVR version of the store.
  • To select from new caller tunes text “newtune” to 4100
  • To check the list of top 10 caller tunes, simply text top 10 to 4100

How to Stop MTN Caller Tune

If you are looking for how to deactivate mtn caller tune or you want mtn caller tune deactivation code, Send “CANCEL” to this MTN caller tune code 4100. You will then receive an SMS notifying you that you’ve successfully unsubscribed from MTN Caller Tunes.

Some always send STOP to 4100 but the actual command is to send Cancel to 4100 and you will see the next message notifying you that you have been deactivated from MTN caller tunes.

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