How to Activate the Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat

Airtel is back with an amazing offer that cant be  rejected by anyone and we are here to break out the news to the public today as we go straight to the point we just wanna remind you of has been going on on the Nigeria telecommunication system as of recent.

THE  Nigeria telecommunication industry their have been a lot of shortages to the operators like GLO,9MOBILE and the others so airtel is here today with their june to december free browsing cheat of 2018 . This cheat has been tested and confirmed by so many individuals 

So to get this cheat working on your phone or computer simply follow the instruction given below in this article

How to Activate the Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat

  • For this you have to download Opera Handler.(It's better to download it from your google)
  • Install the Handler. (Opera handlers for Java,Android and Symbian)
  • After installing open it, there you will find a "settings"option.
  • Open it and change the proxy type to REALHOST and the proxy server to a valid proxy address.
  • Save these settings from Handler menu, and enjoy.
  • Some of the Valid Proxy Address for Latest Airtel Free browsing cheat are listed below:

NOTE: Make sure you do not edit the remaining options of the handler menu.
Try any one of the proxy servers listed above.

If You encounter any problems on this Airtel free browsing cheat, you feel free to comment bellow for immediately response.

How to Activate Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria has been working on an Unlimited data plan for their customers and now it has been silently launched. When you have it unlimited, it means you can download anyhow, surf anyhow and even share your connections to other device without minding what they download.

Airtel NG has earlier announced to launch an unlimited package and now, they have silently launched the plan without any word from them.

The Airtel Unlimited Data Plan package comes in 3 different packages, meaning you can choose anyone that best suite you.

Airtel Unlimited Packages

You can dial *141# and follow the prompts to preview and Activate the unlimited data plan of your choice.

N10,000 Unlimited Monthly Pack | Valid for 30days
N15,000 Unlimited Monthly Pack | Valid for 30days
N20,000 Unlimited Monthly Pack | Valid for 30days

How To Quickly Activate Airtel Unlimited Data Plan:

Dial *471# For N10,000 Unlimited packages.
Dial *463# For N15,000 Unlimited package.
Dial *351# For N20,000 unlimited package.

What is still actually not clear to me about this Airtel Unlimited Plan is how many Gigs is
embedded in each packages. but surely, fair usage policy apply. I was actually expecting unlimited packages with low price tags like N4000, but this actually kept me speechless.

What do you think about the this?

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