How to Subscribe 9mobile Night Plan and Weekend Plans

In this article, I will be sharing with you the new 2020 9mobile night plan. If you are a 9mobile subscriber and you want to enjoy cool browsing at cheap rate. Then 9mobile Night browsing plan is for you. This plan allows you to enjoy cheap data rate from 12 am to 4am each day.

9mobile (formally known as Etisalat) has successfully released and unveiled new data plans for their customers or consumers. These plans mainly based on night and weekend.

Some days ago, 9mobile unleashed some set of data plans: for monthly, weekly and daily. However, these new set of data plans recently launched, can be used during the night and day even during the week and month.

Another reason I love these data plans is that they can be used on any devices such as: PC, Tablet, Android, iPhone and others. You don't need VPN to use them but are time limited based on their designed task.

How To Migrate To 9mobile morecliq

On a new SIM, dial 200 and then press 2. From an existing package, dial *244*1# to migrate to 9mobile morecliq. You will receive a message showing that you have successfully migrated to tariff plan.

This service will cost you nothing only if you have stayed on your current tariff plan for more than one month unless it will cost you 100 naira to migrate.

9mobile N200 For 1GB Night Plan

This plan is only for night use. You can enjoy 1GB for N200 the data is valid only for the night of subscription. This plan allows you to download all your files, movies, photos, videos, movies, musics, games, applications and many others.

To subscribe to this plan dial *229*3*11#. Give data is valid form 12am to 5am. After that time, unused data will be taken back.

How to Subscribe 9Mobile Night and Weekend Plans

1. 2GB for N1,000 - This night plan can be used from 7PM till 6:59AM weekdays for 30 days. If you download heavily and like to browse in the night without sleeping, this might be suitable for you to toll over the night on the internet.

To activate, dial *229*3*12# and it can even work 24hours on weekends.

2. 5GB for N2,000 - This data plan is wonderful for those who love to download and stream in the night. It can be used from 7PM till 6:59AM weekdays for 30 days.

To activate, dial *229*3*13# and can even work 24hours on weekends with extra 100MB data which allows you access WhatsApp 24hours in weekdays and weekends.

3. 1GB for N200 - This data plan can be used from 12AM till 5AM and valid for only 1 day. It can be activated by dialling *229*13*11#.

NOTE: Make sure you subscribe the 200naira for 1GB from 12AM till 5AM not before the time in order not to lose money.

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