How To Check MTN Number with MTN Number Code

This is a simple tutorial on how to check MTN number using mtn number code. We have many service providers today in Nigeria and customers are confused in deciding the particular telecommunication network to go for.

It’s difficult to keep track of numbers in these temporary SIMs we use daily, especially if you’ve discarded the SIM pack after purchase. There are also times when you just get a new SIM card and you are finding it hard to memorize the number for the SIM.

mtn number code

When you have more than one mobile phone number, it can take some time to get used to the numbers. If you are looking for how to check my mtn number, this post provides you the code to check MTN number easily.

How to Check MTN Number

There are different methods of how to check your mtn number which we shall describe later but this is the fastest way to get it. MTN has a ussd code, know as mtn number code.

how to check my mtn number

To check your MTN number, simply dial the code to check mtn number *663# and your phone number will appear on the screen of your mobile phone.

You don’t need to carry your SIM pack along with you any where you go or even call the customer care agent to know your number. All you have to do is to remember this mtn number code whenever you want to check your mtn number.

Step 2: How to Check Your MTN Number

Aside the above code to check mtn number, here another ways of how to check number on mtn:

  1. If you are using a phone or modem, dial the mtn number code *123#, you will see various options.
  2. Select “Account Information” by pressing 1 and send.
  3. You will be presented with various options, select 1 which shows “My number” and send.
  4. Your MTN number will be sent to the display of your phone and via SMS from 131.

If the above process is too difficult for you, simply dial this code for checking mtn number *123*1*1#. One problem I noticed with this method is that sometimes you receive an error message.

Step 3: How to Check My MTN Number

This is the simplest way of how to check my mtn number, call the number of your friend or family and the caller is you. All you need to do is call a friend’s phone nearby and tell him or her to tell you or forward your number via SMS.

How to Check Your MTN Number with Call Me Back

MTN allows its customers to send free call me back messages to other numbers and you can make use of this feature as a quick means to check your number.

The call me back code is *133#, you can dial it and input any phone number that is close by and send. If you have two MTN SIM cards on your mobile phone, you can input the other number. Once the call me back SMS comes, you can copy your number from there.

We believe this information on How to Check My MTN Number and the code to check mtn number is helpful to you?

Your Mobile phone numbers linked to every SIM card purchased are unique to you and personal to most people but if for some reason you cannot remember your phone number, it’s best to save it in your phone for easy recollection.

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