How To Check 9mobile Sim Registration Status

Are you on this page, because you are looking for how to check 9mobile sim registration status?. Here is the right place for such research because we will be sharing with you all vital information on how you can check 9mobile sim registration status on your phone without going to any 9mobile sim registration agent.

SIM registration is meant to help the GSM companies and the Government keep a record of GSM subscribers in Nigeria. More so,it will make the recovery of lost SIM cards to be easier and also assist law enforcement agencies in tracking down criminals.

To check your 9mobile sim registration status all you need is to follow all directives and instructions given below and you will receive a successfully done research. 

By checking your sim registration status, you will be able to discover if you are to go and update your sim registration details before your sim gets blocked or not.

How to Check 9mobile Sim Registration Status

You can verify your SIM card registration status by calling 200 or sending an email to [email protected]

 If you check the status of your sim registration and discover that your sim card is not registered or the details need to be updated, you can walk in to a nearby sim registration centre to update your sim registration details.

The requirements for sim registration is quite simple. The person that will register you will ask for your full name, mother’s maiden name, address etc and your live photo will be taken as well as fingerprints.

After re-registration, do ensure you use the codes shared above to re-confirm your sim 

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