How to Borrow Airtime from Glo with Glo Borrow Code

Globacom Borrow Me Credit Service is a service that allows eligible and qualified (customers that are active and recharge their lines regularly) customers to make a request to borrow airtime (popularly called credit) when their airtime is exhausted, or are out of airtime.

Glo like other Nigerian Telecommunications company allow eligible customers to borrow airtime or data in advance and pay back on later recharges.

if you run out of airtime while making an important call and need at least N100 worth of airtime to continue the call then you can simply borrow on your GLO line and pay back next time you recharge, provided other alternatives like VTU top-up or recharge card purchase are not viable or out of reach.

Are you out of credit, sorry there is a better way to continue your important call again. Here we will be giving out the digits that can be used to borrow airtime from Glo in no waste of time all you need to do is to dial *320#

It works same way for borrowing data, that is, if you need at least 500MB of data to stream a sporting event online then you can simply borrow data on your GLO line and pay back with subsequent airtime purchases depending on your eligibility.

How to Qualify

Your eligibility status determines if you can borrow airtime or data on your GLO line and it depends on certain conditions stipulated by your network provider, in this case, GLO.

To be considered eligible to borrow airtime or data, you must have met the following conditions;

  • Be a GLO user for not less than four months on your current line.
  • For the “Borrow me data’ service, the user must have been active for at least three months.
  • Be a prepaid customer.
  • You average monthly usage must be at least N200 worth of airtime.

According to GLO, the tables below indicates how much you can borrow in advance based on your average monthly usage.

Below is the complete list of easy codes that can be used to borrow airtime from your server in a short, whenever you are out of credit so you don't need to worry anymore.

How To Borrow Airtime

When ever you are out of airtime or you could not find a place to get airtime and you don't want to buy airtime from your Bank. All you need to do is Dial *320# and follow the instructions on your screen

You can borrow on your Glo line when you exhaust data on your phone in one, two easy steps. Simply dial *321# and follow the on-screen prompts to select the amount of data you intend to borrow.


  • You cannot borrow again until you have paid your outstanding debt. That is you immediately become ineligible to borrow any further once you have taken a loan.
  • You can browse the internet with borrowed data as you would with normal data bundles.
  • A transaction fee of 15% is charged to use the borrow me data service. For example, if you borrow a data bundle worth N500, you are charged a 15% transaction fee equivalent to N75. Therefore, you have to repay N575.

Paying Back Borrowed Airtime

Your outstanding on borrowed airtime or data will be deducted on subsequent recharges made on your GLO line. The grace period for paying back is within 72 hours and it is advisable to pay before this period elapses to improve your credit rating and increase your borrow limit in future.

If you borrow N500 airtime, you will be credited N425, that is, after the 15% service fee has been deducted and when paying back, you will need to recharge up to N500 or more to offset your debt.

If you borrow data worth N500, you will be charged a 15% transaction fee which is N75. Thus when paying back you will need to recharge up to N575 or more to offset your debt.

Deactivate Glo Borrow Me Airtime

To deactivate your line from the GLO borrow me credit or data service, follow the simple steps below;

  • Dial *321# and select 1 (auto borrow)
  • From the list of options you’re provided with select 2 (cancel auto borrow).

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