How to Borrow Data from Airtel with Airtel Borrow Data Code

Airtel Extra Credit  allows you to borrow airtime when you run out. This is a perfect solution to reload your phone with Airtime for calls during an emergency. It also allows you to borrow airtime that can to be used for all chargeable Airtel services.

You pay back on your next recharge with a 15% service charge except for the N25 loan which has a service charge of 20%.

Sometime the need to renew our data plan emerge when we do’t have money or we can ‘t get credit either from our bank account due to network challenge. The good news is that airtel has introduce means of borrowing both data and credit on our airtel line.

Looking for how to borrow Data? Now don't worry too much because today we will be discussing on how we can borrow data from AIRTEL.

Airtel users can now borrow data on Airtel when they run out of data. Airtel Extra Credit was introduced by Airtel to ensure that Airtel customers don’t run out of data even when you don’t have airtime on your phone.

This data issue has been a viral issue based on so many people did not know that they were way and made available to borrow data on AIRTEL. 

How to Qualify

you are required to keep your line active for at least three consecutive months with airtime recharge and usage for each month. This will determine your eligibility for the service also You cannot receive a new airtime data loan without paying your current airtime or data loan.

To be able to borrow data on Airtel, you must have

  • Registered your sim
  • Been active for 3months
  • Been loading airtime regularly
  • Must not have outstanding payment

How To Borrow Data

  • On your airtel mobile phone, Use USSD codes: *500# or *121#
  • Choose option 3 for Borrow Data
  • Choose the amount of MB you’d like to borrow from the options.
  • 10MB goes for #50, 50MB for #100, and 200MB for #200.

2. You can also borrow data by dialing : *500*50# for N50 airtime *500*100# for N100 airtime *500*200# for N200 airtime *500*500# for N500 airtime.


Kindly note that Airtel charges a 15% service fee for every data you borrow from them.

Once you dial the airtel borrow data code, the ussd code will load the airtel app, it will instruct airtel to borrow your data immediately.

Kindly note that it may take airtel some minutes for them to disburse your data.

Once you receive your data, you can browse and explore the web.

Hope you’ve seen how to borrow data from airtel today? Check out the megabytes you can borrow from airtel. 

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