How to Check Glo Number with Glo Number Code

Check Your Glo Number: Within this article, you will discover how to check your glo number, as quickly as possible with just a simple code. Possibly you have already been in a situation in which you lost or lost your newly bought SIM pack and you quickly need to view your glo number without contacting customer support. Here is a quick and quick manual of how to check your number on glo.

Globacom is the second largest telecommunications operator in Nigeria today and also the most used data network in west Africa, the first being MTN.

The prefix for Glo is “0805” but how do you check your phone number if you own a Glo SIM?

Have you been in a situation, where you were asked to provide your phone number or you bought a new sim which you have not mastermind your new number, and someone said give me your number. 

The next thing that bub into your mind is how to check my glo number?.

Now no need for such questions again, just relax your mind as we give you the ussd codes that will make your searching of your number easier than you can ever imagine.

These codes give below can be used to check Your number for All Network in Nigeria with your waste of Airtime and Time. Simply follow all given instructions gently.

How to Check Number on Glo Network

Step 1: USSD Code to Check Glo Number

With this method comes comfort. If you ask me, it is one of the best way to know your  glo mobile number. The code is also straight forward making it easier to remember.

To check your glo line number using ussd code, dial *135*8#. The number will display on your phone. You can also call 1244.

Step 2: Via Call

Though there are codes you can dail to receive it but the easiest way to retrieve your Glo number is by dailing 1244.

Globacom users can check their phone numbers by dialing: 1244
The number will be called out to you, then you can write it down.

Follow this easy process to Understand your Glo amount:
  • Be sure to have inserted your Glo sim to a phone.
  • Dail 1244 in the telephone dialer.
  • Listen into the machine voice to learn your Glo number.
  • Jot down the number or dail again if you didn't get it.
  • You can also check your phone number by visiting Your number will be displayed at the top right corner of the website.
In case the above method of how to check phone number on glo appear difficult for you personally, you can call their Customer care range in 121 plus they'll give you your number. Although This technique is awkward as you would need to wait until a Glo representative answer you.

Wrapping Up:

we have also written an article on how to check 9mobile, airtel, glo and mtn phone number, do not hesitate to check it out if needed.

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