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Music: Ifysong - Awesome God

One faithful day about 3years ago, I was with a brother by name Reuben, and together we were just talking about the awesomeness of God, how amazing the things he does, using foolish things of this world to confound the wise, we thought about how he created the world with words, and also how perfect the things he created, you know! we just imagined things like your mouth located on the top of your head, and then your eyes by your chest then maybe your nose located at your armpit, you know! it got dawned on us that no one could have created these creations better than it was created, God in our hearts was proven to be super awesome and then In the midst of these wide imaginations this song titled #AWESOMEGOD dropped in my spirit. This song already has blessed men that were privileged to hear it before now, wait for it, its only a few days from now and you have the song, prepare your hearts.

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