How to Stop Data plan Auto Renewal for Airtel

As we all know that Data Plans auto-renewal feature allows you to automatically re-subscribe for a current data plan without having to resend the same USSD or SMS when you want to Subscribe for the same data plan again in future.

Airtel Nigeria offers some of the best data plans in Nigeria these days and this has gotten them a very high number of subscribers nationwide.

All you have to do is to Recharge the Exact Subscription Amount and your data plan will be automatically Renewed. But the worst user Experience of this Auto-Renewal Feature, is when the subscriber doesn't remember that hid/her data Auto-Renewal is Enabled or have probably forgotten the code to stop or cancel the auto-renewal.

Step 1

Airtel also has a special USSD code for deactivating data plans auto-renewal. This general code to stop any unusual deducting of credit for auto-renewal will definitely help you.

If you want to deactivate, Cancel or stop data auto-renewal on Airtel network, simply send STOP to 141 and any auto-renewal activated on your SIM, will end immediately.

Step 2

Airtel is one of the networks whose auto renew cancellation code is not easy to find by subscribers. You can easily subscribe to Airtel data bundles for your android and PC by dialing *141# but there is no auto renew cancellation in the menu.

If you have tried other codes without success, send STOPAUTORENEWAL in an SMS to 141 to stop Airtel autorenew. The message should be sent in capitals.

You will receive a message stating that you have opted-out of Airtel automatic data renewal.

If by chance you missed that window, you can stop the auto-renewal by using the code below. If you aren’t sure if you subscribed or not, you should still follow these steps below to guard against Stories That Touch.

Step 1:
Open your Device’s Messaging app(Text message)

Step 2:
Select the “Create a new message” function.

Step 3:
You are too text “STOP” to 141. Type the “Stop” without the quotation and it should be in Uppercase.

Step 4:
Airtel should give you a reply.

This should help stop your mb from auto renewing on airtel

Cancel Airtel Auto-Renewal via Airtel Customer Care

Another sure way to disable this feature is to contact Airtel customer care agents.

To contact these customer care agents, dial “111” on your airtel line, and ask them to disable the auto renewal for your current data plan.

If you have any questions regarding how to stop Airtel auto-renewal, drop them in the comment section below and we’ll try our best to give answers as soon as possible.

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