How to Stop Glo Data Plan Auto Renewal

Do you want to stop glo data plan auto renewal?Here’s the right article for you, Data plan auto-renewal can be so annoyin, especially when your airtime credit was deducted without any notification. Continue reading to she how to cancel glo auto renewal.

A lot of people sees this as fraud but GLO has explained how useful enabling automatic renewal can be.

The fact that you get double the size of your original GLO data plan is one of the benefits of enabling this feature.

That is, When you buy the Glo monthly data plan that gives 1.6GB for N1,000. If you auto-renewal is active, you will be given 3.2GB instead of 1.6GB.

That’s the benefits but I’m sure many of you still don’t find it useful but if you do,

So if your glo data plan auto-renewal is active, you don't have to panic because GLO has provided a way for their customers to stop/cancel active GLO data auto-renewal using a simple SMS code .

How To Cancel

If you want to disable data automatic renewal on your phone, you should follow the steps below;
Navigate to your Message and send the word CANCEL to 127 > You will get a response showing that you’ve successful opted out of Glo data auto-renewal.

That's all you need to know on how to cancel/stop auto-renewal on GLO using that simple SMS method.

If you have any questions about this, you can drop a comment using the comment box below.

How to Activate

You want to activate glo data plan auto renewal that why you found yourself reading this section of the article. You might have heard about the 100% bonus given by glo on every data plan renewal.

Many people still don't like data plans auto renewal because of some reasons like; Unwanted deduction, Activation of the wrong internet plan and so on.

Today, Customers who auto renew their data plans will get 100% data bonus. For instance; when you buy the GLO monthly plan that gives 1.6GB for N1,000. If your auto-renewal is active, you shall be awarded 2GB instead of 1.6GB.

All GLO data packages can be renewed automatically or manually when the subscription expires. Automatic renewal can be done on any package via the Self Care Portal.

How To Activate Auto-renewal On GLO Data Plan

If you want to automatically renew your Glo data plan subscription successfully, you need to make sure that you have enough credit on your Glo Sim by the date of renewal. The system will notify you of the renewal date, prior to this date, by text.

So, to activate the glo data renewal, follow the steps below:
Navigation to Message and send the word ACCEPT to 127 as an SMS and wait for the confirmation message.
NOTE:If you Purchase or Re-Subscribre to your previous data plan, within 72 Hours of Exhaustion or Expiration of the active data plan you will be given 100% bonus.

That's all you need to know on how to activate glo data plan auto renewal and enjoy 100% bonus on every data plan subscription.


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