How To Send And Receive Money From Abroad Using Western Union 2019

In this article, I’m going to teach you How to Receive Money From Western Union and Wire Transfer as a Nigerian. These mediums are very easy and not technical at all. In fact, my recent Adsense Earning was cashed out through Wire Transfer into my domiciliary account, which we usually refer to as Dollar Account. Let’s go into tutorial.

Initially, I thought receiving money from outside Nigeria will be World War III, but it was so easy that I was beaming with smiles throughout my session in the bank. I thought that to receive money from Western Union as a Nigerian, I will have to have an account with them or perhaps, pass through rigorous processes. But I was wrong.. Virtually every Nigerian bank are agents.. This means, you can receive your Western Union transfer through your bank easily without any hassle.


After some couple of year we found out that sending money through western union becomes important but byet so many people don't know how to send money through western union and most espeacially they dont even know where to go and send money mbut this article will cover all of that so we all can be able to make use of the western union to send money.

to be able to send money through the western union simply follow this LINK GENTLY


You can now work from nigeria in any country of your choice and still receive payment without traveling to that country .these has been made easy through western union. When someone decide to pay you through Western Union, all that the person require from you is your National ID Number and Name. If you don’t have a National ID card, please visit the ministry in charge of that in your state.

Provide the sender with your National ID Number and Name.. When the payment have been made, request from the sender your Tracking Number (MTCN)

Then head over to an agent, virtually all banks in Nigeria can help you receive your money. Visit your bank with your government issued National ID Card and tell them that you’re expecting some money through Western Union. You’ll be directly to the unit in charge of that.

You’ll be given a form in which you have to include some details, like the;

  • Name of the sender
  • Address of sender
  • Date of birth
  • Amount expecting
  • MTCN number (the tracking number)

…and so many other details which you can easily provided as long as you’re the receiver.

If you’re confused with any requirement, bring it to their attention and they will guide you through. When you’ve finished filling the form, they might pay you the cash immediately or credit it into your bank account.


When I began blogging, my first Adsense payment came through wire transfer, all the way from Google Ireland Limited. The payment was in dollar and I didn’t know that I needed a domiciliary account for that.. I thought it will smoothly lodge into my account. Not until I got a call from my bank that the money Is hanging. I have to write a letter to the manager, requesting that they convert the dollar to naira at their own exchange rate. It was successful, but I had to proceed to opening a domiciliary account immediately for future payments. The bank’s exchange rate can be horrible, I prefer selling the dollar myself than being at the mercy of the bank.

So, to receive money from abroad through wire transfer, you need to open a Domiciliary account. Visit your bank and ask for the requirements.

  • National ID Card
  • Two passport photograph
  • And Utility Bills…  Like NEPA Bill
Visit the bank with the above and you’ll surely have yourself a domiciliary account. I once heard about bringing two current account holders as referrers, I don’t think it’s needed anymore. With the three requirements above, you can have yourself a dollar account. This account is very important to bloggers who receives their Adsense Earning through wire transfer.

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