How to Recover Deleted Files on Android with Recycle Bin

Most of the smartphone users face a problem of recovering the files after they accidentally delete it. This is because smartphone makers doesn’t include Recycle Bin with their File Explorer or even doesn’t provide a File Explorer! But, thanks to expandability of android, we have Android Recycle Bin.

Whenever you accidentally delete any important file or folder from your laptop/PC, what exactly you do? Simply, you recover that file or folder by going to Recycle Bin and restore it from there.

But question arises, if this situation occurs in your smartphone, how do you restore your important data, which shall be your precious moment stored in form of images & videos? Now, you can exactly follow the same procedure to rectify the problem through Android Recycle Bin.

Is there a recycle bin on Android phones that allows you to recover deleted files?

Disappointingly at the moment, the answer is still no, there’s no recycle bin in Android!

Why the heck is there no recycle bin on Android devices?

Well, think of it this way,

Each time an erased file is stored, it means free space has not been created.

Without the memory being freed up from time to time via deletion, the lower the memory space gets.

This in-turn implies that new apps and files cannot be accommodated, and also your device may begin to lag and hang.

I don't care, how do I retrieve deleted files on Android?

We'll get there, but wait a second:

On more than one occasion, we have mistakenly deleted important files like Music, videos, text, contacts and even applications on our Android phones.

Other times, it wasn't really a mistake because we meant to delete them, but at a later time, we still had need for them.

The importance of a recycle bin on Android devices cannot be overemphasized especially If you've used a computer that you've been thankful for at some point because of its recycle bin.

So,How do you recover accidentally deleted files after you installed it on your Android device? or, have a recycle bin on Android just like on a computer's recycle bin?

Given below are steps on how to create a recycle bin in Android devices.

What does it entails?

Making use of apps that allow deleted apps and files on Android to be backed up in a separate memory storage.

Right from Android phones like Infinix, Samsung, Gionee, Google Pixel, HTC, Huawei etc, you can still get the same restore feature of a computer's recycle bin and recover permanently deleted files from an Android recycle bin.

You can also use these steps to hide files on your Android phone because you can recover them after deletion, and no one will know they were there in the first place.

Creating Recycle bin in Android Phones

Here's how to gain access to Android's recycle bin.

  • Download the application Dumpster to create recycle bin in Android
You can easily find it on Google Play Store with the name 'Dumpster – Recover Images and videos'.

After installation,
  • You can go ahead and delete any file on your Android and it'll be saved in the Dumpster app.
  • To see all your recently deleted files, open the app and they'll be there.
After deletion, now what?

You will most likely want to restore the files you just deleted, so, to access recycle bin on Android using Dumpster
  • Open the app
  • Select the file you want to restore on your Android,
  • Select the option 'Restore' or 'Re-Install' if a file or an Application respectively.

What else does the Dumpster App offer?

Other than the ability to delete and restore files, you can also manage the type of files that are to be stored in the Android recycle bin and their duration.

You can choose if you want Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Other files, Apps and Apps Updates to be stored or only one of the aforementioned.

Keep in mind that apps deleted are actually still stored in memory even though they are not visible in your device, so the file type you should select should be important ones.

To specify the type of file to be stored,
  • Click on the Dumpster square like icon on the top left corner of the app
  • Goto the 'Settings' menu
  • Click on the 'Protect settings'
  • Turn 'On' or 'Off' the type files you want saved each time they're deleted.

You can also specify how long deleted files are to remain in the recycle bin either for 1 week, 1 month or even 3 months, and the files will be automatically erased.

To specify the duration which deleted files are to be stored in the Android recycle bin,
  • Turn on Auto-clean
This will allow you to set the duration

To manually delete the files/apps from the recycle bin,
  • Turn off Auto-clean
Dumpster Android App

Although turning Auto-clean off means you will have to manually delete each app one at a time, there's another option that clears all the content of the recycle bin with a click, and that's the 'Empty Dumpster' Option.

Other than the Dumpster app, another Android app for recovering deleted files is the ES File explorer.

ES File Explorer

While the major purpose of this app is to manage your Android's files and folders, it can also restore deleted files back to your Android phone.

To make use of this app to enable the recycle bin for the Android devices,
  • Download ES File explorer from Google Play Store
  • Install the app after download.
  • On the upper left corner of the app, and click on the 'Phone icon'
  • Next, navigate to the apps 'Settings',
  • Then 'Recycle bin settings'
  • Enable the recycle bin option
Es File Explorer

Now that the option to store deleted files in the recycle bin has been enabled, these files will still be hidden even though they'll be saved in the recycle bin.

To unhide them in order to be able to restore them at a later time,
  • Navigate to the app's settings
  • Click on 'Display settings'
  • Select the option 'Show hidden files'
You can go ahead and delete any file on your Android phone, on accessing the 'Recycle' folder on the app, you'll see them

And that's it!

All deleted files can be view and restored from the ES File Explorer's recycle bin

Other than using apps, you can recover permanently deleted files from Android by using Android data recovery tools such as dr.fone toolkit and EaseUS MobiSaver.

dr.fone toolkit and EaseUS MobiSaver For Android

Unlike the apps, these tools may also require that you connect your phone to your computer in order to recover files on Android phones and tablets.

If your files were deleted before you installed the app, then there will be no way of recovering them using either of the apps already listed above.

These recovery tools will do a better job at scanning your phone and recovering even deleted WhatsApp messages.

Other than recovering deleted files, they can also recover files lost during factory restore, OS update and even rooting errors on Android phones.

But then, they have a trial and paid version which means they aren't free like the other apps,

You can download dr.fone toolkit for windows here to recover permanently deleted files on Android.

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