Glo G-BAM: How To Migrate To G-Bam Tariff Plan

Glo mobile recently launched a new distinct tariff plan far better than the glo bounce tariff which offers calls at the rate of 11k/s to all networks. Glo is fast joining the trend of affordable call rates across mobile network providers in Nigeria.

The Glo Gbam plus is the latest Glo affordable and cheapest call tariff plan that offers all prepaid Glo subscribers the ability to make calls to all networks at 11K/sec after a daily access fee of N5. This makes the Glo Gbam plus tariff plan the lowest of all Glo tariff plans in the country.

The unique benefit of the Glo Gbam plus is that N5 will only be deducted on days you make calls, therefore you will not be charged the N5 daily access on days that you do not make any calls unlike the Mtn true talk plus tariff which attracts daily access fee of N5 even if you don’t make calls for that day.

Also with the Glo Gbam plus you can also call 5 international destinations of US, UK, China, India, and Canada at a flat rate of 20k/sec. Charges of local and international SMS rates are charged at N4 for Nigeria and N10 to international destinations.

The only disadvantage of using the Glo Gbam plus tariff plan is that it doesn’t have any data attached, the plan is mainly for those who make heavy calls. Unlike other Glo tariff plans like the Glo Gbam which gives 5MB of data for charge and the Glo Bounce which also gives 20MB.

This post contains and describes everything you need to know about the new Glo G-Bam prepaid tariff plan, benefits of Glo Gbam tariff plan and how to migrate to the new glo g bam tariff plan. The only thing I like about this Glo G-Bam tariff plan is the free 5MB daily data plan.

Although the data plan is small but it can be used to Facebook and Whatsapp a little but this package offers amazing cheapest call rate which allows you to call only a registered five special numbers at 11k/s and enjoy 5MB free browsing every day.

This Glo G-Bam tariff plan is available to all new and existing Globacom prepaid customers but the Glo G-Bam attracts a daily rental or subscription fee of N5. The free 5MB is valid for 24hours and any unused portion of it expires after 24 hours.

Benefits And Features of Glo G-Bam Tariff Plan

  1. Call Rate:15K/s
  2. Family and friends rate: 9K/s to 5 Glo numbers
  3. SMS Rate: N4/SMS
  4. International: N10/SMS
  5. Free 5MB daily.

How To Migrate To Glo G-Bam Tariff Plan

If you like this tariff plan and have finally made up your mind to migrate to G-Bam, Dial *100*5*1# and you will be migrated to Glo G-Bam tariff plan then you will start enjoying the above features.

How To Register And Modify Glo G-Bam Special Numbers

  • If you want to register a special number, just dial *101*1*phone number# for each number and you will be asked for the confirmation Press 1. 
  • If you want to modify or replace a special number with a new one, just Dial *101*2*Existing Special No*New Special No#

NOTE: First time registration of the 5 special numbers is Free, But to delete or modify F&F number attracts a fee N50 per change. Free Night Calling is also available on G-BAM.

All you have to do is to spend up to N30 during the day and you will be qualified to enjoy free midnight calls from 00:00 to 04:59 every day.

Glo G-Bam is one of the cheapest call tariff plan offered by Globacom which is similar to Glo Ifinito tariff plan.

How to Check your Glo current Tariff plan

Here's how you can easily know your current tariff plan on the glo network in Nigeria. Glo offers many tariff plans for her customers and all of these plans come with their own unique features and benefits. The prepaid tariff plans include Gbam Hi 5ive, Infinito, Bounce and the Glo Bumpa tariff plan (click for details on this plans).

Before you will attempt migrating to a new tariff plan on the glo network, it is very necessary you check your current glo tariff plan either for the fore-mentioned purpose or for the sake of confirming your current tariff plan, This post therefore includes the code for checking your tariff plan on the glo network.

To check your current tariff plan on Glo simply dial *100#. Alternatively, you can call a customer care representative and demand to know what call plan you’re on.

We’ve received complaints about *100# not working sometimes. If that’s the case with you, then calling the customer care would be the best option.

Glo customer care number is 200 or 121. All calls are free of charge. But wait time sometimes is discouraging.

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