Glo Free Tomorrow: How To Migrate To Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan

This post contains and describes everything you need to know about the new Glo Free Tomorrow prepaid tariff plan, benefits of Glo Free Tomorrow tariff plan and how to migrate to the new glo free tomorrow tariff plan.

The only thing I like about this Glo Free Tomorrow tariff plan is that, whatever you use today, you get double back tomorrow to browse, make calls or send SMS to any network FREE. This Glo Free Tomorrow tariff plan is available to all new and existing Globacom prepaid customers and there is no daily rental or subscription fee.

Benefits Of Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan

  1. Use today and get DOUBLE back the next day: 200% of whatever is spent from Main account is refunded back to the customer the next day
  2. Bonus can be used for any transaction: browse, calls and send SMSs to any local network, call popular international destinations (USA, UK landlines, Canada, China and India)
  3. Call Rate is charged at 28k/s, N4/SMS and 5K/Kb while Bonus is charged at 56K/s, N8/SMS and 10K/Kb
  4. No hidden conditions, no daily rent.

Code For Checking current Tariff plan on the Glo Network

Here's how you can easily know your current tariff plan on the glo network in Nigeria. Glo offers many tariff plans for her customers and all of these plans come with their own unique features and benefits. The prepaid tariff plans include Gbam Hi 5ive, Infinito, Bounce and the Glo Bumpa tariff plan (click for details on this plans).

Before you will attempt migrating to a new tariff plan on the glo network, it is very necessary you check your current glo tariff plan either for the fore-mentioned purpose or for the sake of confirming your current tariff plan, This post therefore includes the code for checking your tariff plan on the glo network.

To check your current tariff plan on Glo simply dial *100#. Alternatively, you can call a customer care representative and demand to know what call plan you’re on.

We’ve received complaints about *100# not working sometimes. If that’s the case with you, then calling the customer care would be the best option.

Glo customer care number is 200 or 121. All calls are free of charge. But wait time sometimes is discouraging.

In case you don’t like your current Glo tariff and you’re thinking of migration, then you need to read our review.

How To Migrate To Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan

If you want to migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow tariff plan, just dial *600# then select 1 when asked for confirmation, and you will start enjoying the GFT call rates.

NOTE: The free airtime can be used to browse, make calls or send text to ANY network and to call popular international destinations depending on the amount in each account. 75% of the bonus amount can be used for Glo-to-Glo calls and browsing while 25% can be used for browsing, offnet and IDD calls to select destinations.

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