Nigeria Zip Code - Know What Is Nigeria's Zip Code

If you are looking for Correct Nigeria Zip Code, the Article will describe everything you need to know about Nigerian Zip codes and how to use them. ZIP means Zone Improvement Plan and this codes apply ONLY to the United States. The US does not regard postal codes from other countries as “ZIP” codes.

In all other countries, postal codes are used. However, ZIP codes in the US are used for the same purposes for which other countries use postal codes for mailing purposes.

So, ZIP codes are to the US while postal codes are to other countries like Nigeria. The USPS (United States Postal Service) has codes for overseas countries, which are used when handling deliveries. These codes are equivalent to the ZIP codes used within the US.

The 00176-0000 code is for Nigeria.

How To Fill A Form With Zip Code

You might be on this page because you’re filling a form online, and you’re required to enter a ZIP code.

  • Just use 110001 or 23401.
  • Some sites may reject the above codes. If they do, try this one 00176.

One of the Above code must fulfill the requirement and you are good to go.

NOTE:this code 234 should not be used as the ZIP code for Nigeria. This code is Nigeria’s international phone dialling code. (Whenever you’re required to enter a ZIP code, simply use any of the above codes.)

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