Airtel Value: How To Migrate To Airtel Value Tariff Plan

This post contains everthing you beed to know about Airtel Value tariff plan, benefits of Airtel Value tariff plan, how to migrate to Airtel Value Call Tariff Plan and how it works. This plan is available to all Airtel subscribers both new and old.

This is a new plan, in a bid from Airtel to make all calls to be cheap at 11k/s.

Well on the Value Plan you get to call networks at 11k/s from the very first minute with no hidden fees.

Although not all sims are eligible for this, if you have been using your Airtel sim for long then you should give it a try and you will no doubt enjoy one of the Airtel Tariff Plans you can ever imagine.

Airtel value tariff plan gives you room to make local calls at a whopping rate of 11k/seconds to all network in Nigeria. You don’t have to pay for any first-minute access charge. Some SIM might not be eligible to migrate to this Airtel Value tariff plan.

How to check my Airtel tariff plan?

After recharging my SIM and made the evening business calls, I discovered that my current Airtel tariff plan is a waste, ate all my airtime and I didn’t receive any sort of data bonus, I decided to find out what tariff plan is this, and swore never to go back there.

Getting to know your network carrier’s current tariff plan, which is available on your mobile phone is as important as anything else. For instance, you noticed a better tariff plan, the next step is to easily check your current tariff plan, for confirmation. 

How do I know my Airtel tariff plan is answered, below are the few steps:

*. Insert your SIM
*. Switch on your phone
*. Dial *121*3*5# and
*. You will receive “Your Tariff Plan is…”

Another method to check your Airtel tariff plan is to dial *121# and select 3 and then choose 5, to check the current call plan on Airtel. It will immediately be displayed on your screen for easy sight.

Most times, when you decided to check your account balance, Airtel do display both your Airtime balance and tariff plan in the sole messages, but it doesn’t always work.

Code To Migrate To Airtel Value Call Tariff Plan

  • If you to activate Airtel Value cheap call tariff plan, simply dial *243# and you will get a message welcoming you to the new Airtel value plan with 11k/sec call rates.
NOTE: First migration in a month is FREE; subsequent migration within same month will be charged at N100 per migration.

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