How To Stop Glo Caller Tune Service

Glo Caller Tunes is the personalized ring back service that enables you change the conventional “ring ring” sound heard when your friends, colleagues and family members call you with a tune of your choice.

glo caller tunes

Glo Caller Tunes service entertains your callers with selected music subscribed for each time your phone rings, while creating a unique identity for yourself. With a vast range of top quality tunes to choose from, your style can truly be expressed. 


  • Entertainment for Callers.
  • Ability to choose different tunes for different callers or caller groups.
  • Subscribers have the opportunity to express themselves via the tunes they play for their callers.

How To Enable Caller Tune Service

  • Glo subscriber sends ‘START’ to 5353  to subscribe for CRBT and browse for songs of his choice
  • You can dial 5353 and follow the instructions on your mobile to register yourself
  • You can register via SMS by sending SMS START or SET<space> < ID of the song preferred> to 5353. You will get confirmatory SMS upon successful registration
Have you been distributed by the charges you face in the process of using the Glo caller tune service and you are not comfortable with it and you like to opt out from the service? if yes!!! then this is the Article for you because this article consists of how you can opt out or cancel the Glo caller tune service.

Most times, all we see in the adverts are the codes to Opt in, we don’t see the code to Opt Out, Below are the instruction on how to Opt Out of Ring Back Tunes.

How to Unsubscribe

Glo Mobile subscriber can cancel caller tune on their line by texting “DEREG” to 7728. The service will then be stopped as soon as the message is delivered.

Note: If it happens that you don’t know what deducts your airtime, then just send “UNSUB” to 8888 without quotes to unsubscribe from all 8888 annoying services.

Codes to stop Glo from deducting your money.

The Nigeria communication commission (NCC) haven listen to lots of complains from network subscribers have mandated every network provider to activate the Do not disturb service on their platform to allow customers unsubscribe to any unwanted message or service from their line.

Glo Nigeria have complied by the directive from the Nigerian communication commission, and have provide a opt-out code to allow it customers stop unsolicited messages and money deduction from your account.

In other to solve the problem, you need to identify the cause, to stop the unwanted message from Glo Nigeria, you must be able to identify the text and numbers you always receive message from in other to unsubscribe from the service.

How to stop 8888 messages from Glo.

  • word of the day send sms UNSUB WORD to 8888 to opt out. 
  • Jokes send sms UNSUB JOKE to 8888 to opt out. 
  • Health tips send  sms UNSUB HT to 8888 to opt out. 
  • Weight loss tips sendsms UNSUB WLT to 8888 to opt out. 
  • Weight Gain tips send sms UNSUB WGT to 8888 to opt out. 
  • Christianity send sms UNSUB CHRIST to 8888 to opt out. 
  • Islam send sms UNSUB ISLAM to 8888 to opt out. 
  • Romance send sms UNSUB ROM to 8888 to opt out. 
  • Dating Tips UNSUB DAT to 8888 to opt out. 
Note: if you get any message that is not related to the above code but still get your money deducted from the 8888 service, simply  send "UNSUB" to 8888 without quotes to deactivate all service from code.

How to stop other unwanted message from Glo

The above annoying message might not be the only that deducts your money on your Glo line, to unsubscribe from other annoying message send UNSUB to 547

Now, you can stop Glo from sending you annoying message and deducting your money, don't forget to share this post to help someone else out there.

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