How to Migrate To Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan

Glo Bumpa is one of the most attractive tariff plans on the Glo network, because of the huge bonus. Glo Bumpa gives prepaid subscribers a robust value of 200% instant bonus on every recharge. Subscribers can use the bonus to text or call any network across the country and also browse the internet.

This is prepaid tariff plan for the costumers of Globacom. What are the features of this tariff plan? Actually, it is a very customer-friendly offer, the minimum recharge amount is N100 and it comes with 200% of bonus to call every network in Nigeria. So, every time you recharge your line you get three times more money.

If you pay N100, you will get N300 for calls, (N100 in the main account and N200 in your bonus balance). Customers can also send SMS messages and use the internet with bonus airtime.

That is,You get 3 times the value of every recharge, for example if you recharge N100, you will be rewarded N200 making it a total of N300. you will be charged from your main account balance if your 200% data bonus has been exhausted.

How to Check your Glo current Tariff plan

To check your current tariff plan on Glo simply dial *100#. Alternatively, you can call a customer care representative and demand to know what call plan you’re on.

How to Migrate to Glo Bumpa

While on Glo Bumpa tariff plan, calls to Glo networks are charged at the rate of 50k/sec. Calls to other networks are charged at the same rate 50k/sec. You can send SMS at N4 each from the same bonus account.

So if you are interested in enjoying the stunning offer to dial *100*10*1#. If  you want to check your Glo Bumpa Bonus balance just dial #122*2#.

NOTE: If you recharge your line multiple times within a day, week or month, you’ll be given your 200% bonus multiple times as you recharge your line. You can also use your bonus account to browse the internet at 5k/MB.

Glo Bumpa Faqs

1.    What is the Glo Bumpa plan?
It is a prepaid price plan which gives 200% bonus on every recharge from N100 to call ALL networks in Nigeria
2.    Who can avail of the Bumpa Package?
All new and existing prepaid customers
3.    How do I migrate to Bumpa?
Dial *100*10*1# and when asked for the confirmation press 1
4.    How much do I pay for calls on this plan?
¬    Onnet call rate:50K/s
¬    Offnet call rate:50K/s

5.    What is the SMS rate for Glo Bounce?
¬    On-net SMS: N4/SMS
¬    Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
¬    International: N10/SMS

6.    Is there a rental fee on Bumpa?

7.    What other benefits do I enjoy on Bumpa?
You enjoy 200% Bonus on every recharge from N100 and above. For example, if you recharge N100, you get N300 with N100 credited to your Main a/c and N200 credited to your promo a/c.

8.    When do I get the 200% bonus?
The bonus is given INSTANTLY upon recharge
9.    What is the validity of the Bonus given?
The bonus will expire in 7 days from date of recharge
10.    Is bonus volume cumulative?
Yes it is cumulative
11.    Is bonus validity period cumulative?
No it is not cumulative
12.    Who can enjoy these benefits?
All Glo prepaid customers can enjoy these benefits by dialing the desired USSD code.
13.    Do I get 200% bonus when I recharge through E-Top up?
You do not get 200% bonus on recharges made via E Top up.
14.    What can I do with the Bonus given on recharge? 

You can use you bonus to call ANY network in Nigeria, SMS to any network and also browse.
15.    Can I transfer the bonus to other Glo subscribers?

No, you cannot transfer your bonus to any other customer.
16.    Am I allowed to carry over the bonus to another month?

No, the bonus is only valid for 7 days.
17.    Is there a limit to the number of times I can get bonus on recharge?

There is no restriction on the number of times bonus can be received as long as you are on the plan.
18.    Can I still make calls when I’ve exhausted the 200% recharge bonus?
Yes you can. You’ll be charged 50K/sec on subsequent calls made after exhausting the 200% recharge bonus.
19.    Can I still browse when I’ve exhausted the 200% recharge bonus?
Yes you can. You’ll be charged 5K/kb on further browsing after exhausting the 200% recharge bonus
20.    Do I have the option of adding special numbers?

No, you are not allowed special numbers.
21.    At what rates do I get charged for the bonus?

Same as your normal call, SMS and data rate on the Glo Bumpa plan.
22.    Where else can I get information on this offer?
You can visit our website (, shops, dealer outlets, retailers, radio, and television or dial 124 for information
23.    Can existing customers migrate to the Glo Bumpa package?
Yes. Existing customers can migrate to the plan using the USSD code *100*10*1#
24.    Will new activations enjoy this tariff and benefits by default?
No. New activations are on a default tariff of Infinito. New as well as existing customers will have to dial the USSD migration code *100*10*1# to migrate to Bumpa.
25.    Is there a migration fee?
1st migration in a month is free. Subsequent migrations within the same month cost N100
26.    How can I de-register from the Bumpa package?
By dialing the respective USSD code of the new package to which you want to migrate.
27.    What will happen to customers’ main account account balance on migration out of Glo Bumpa?

Customer’s Main account balance will remain unchanged on migration out of Bumpa or the migration fee of N100 will be deducted from the Main account if the customer had previously migrated in the last 30 days.
28.    What will happen to customers’ promo account balance on migration out of Glo BUMPA?

On migration out of the Glo Bumpa profile, Customer will lose the recharge bonus that accrued to it while being a Glo Bounce customer.
29.    Is there a first minute charge or daily access fee on this package?
30.    Is free night calling benefits available on Glo BUMPA?
Yes. Free Night Calling is available on Glo BUMPA. The qualification parameter is a minimum usage of N30 from Main account during the day to enjoy Free Night Calls between 12am and 4.59am.
31.    Can I enjoy Phone lord promo on Glo BUMPA?
Yes you can. To enjoy Phone lord daily rent of N50, dial *170*7# to opt in and dial *170*8# to opt out.
32.    Can I enjoy Sunday Talk Express promo benefits on Glo BUMPA?
Yes you can. To enjoy Sunday Talk Express benefit , dial *170*5# to opt in and dial *170*6# to opt out.
33.    Can a Glo BUMPA customer buy Biigy Packs?
Yes you can. Dial *170*1#, *170*2# and *170*3# for the N100, N300 and N500 packs respectively.
34.    How am I charged in a situation where I have Bonus and I also have Biigy pack, Sunday Talk Express bonus, Phone lord promo bonus and any other bonus?

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